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Canos EOS 5D Mark vs iPhone 6 Plus

At Ars Technica they’ve gone crazy. It’s the only possible explanation for the comparison the flat saints have had to make. They took one of the best DSLR cameras on the market, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and compared it to the camera of an iPhone 6 plus .

The funny thing is that in the tests they have done, the camera of the iPhone 6 plus does not go wrong at all. But don’t get nervous, that doesn’t mean that the camera of the iPhone 6 plus is as good as the Canon DSLR . It basically means that the tests that they have carried out to carry out the comparison are regulatory , pulling biases.

Canos EOS 5D Mark vs iPhone 6 Plus
Canos EOS 5D Mark vs iPhone 6 Plus

You want to check it out? You can give your opinion and see the comparison with your own eyes.

The conclusion they reach at ars technica is quite simple, even recognizing that the tests to which both cameras have been subjected are not at all professional, and that in the hands of an amateur photographer, outside a studio and in uncontrolled light situations, the photos taken with the camera of the Apple smartphone can have the same quality as those of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III .

To sum up, in the field of “casual” photos, the iPhone 6 plus camera has enough quality to capture excellent images . But what is really interesting about the whole article is the reflection that is implicit in it…

What typewriter do you use to write your novels?

To illustrate this reflection, and the sense of making a comparison like this, they explain in the article of ars technica a story that perfectly transmits the sense of it .

They explain the meeting between the mythical Ernst Hemingway and the photographer Ansel Adams, in which the novelist, after praising for a long time the excellence of Adams’ photographs, could not avoid asking him a question : “What kind of machine do you use to make such beautiful photographs?

No one noticed if Adams smiled. Or if he just looked at Hemingway in puzzlement. What we do know is that he answered with a question: “You write beautiful novels. What kind of typewriter do you use?” .

Maybe this story never happened, maybe it’s just a myth. But it seems to me that it explains perfectly that many times we tend to overestimate the importance of the machine. Considering it even more important than our own creativity .

The democratization of creation

One of the good things about this socially and technologically convulsed era that we have had to live through, among the many good and bad things that it has, is that thanks to digital tools, creation and access to art and culture has been democratized . Anyone can do things that even not much could only create a small group of privileged people. From music to films and, of course, photography.

Therefore, if the comparison between a smartphone costing less than 1000 euros and photographic equipment costing more than 7000 euros proves anything, it is that the improvement and the most important evolution to photography that smartphones have brought is not so much the technological part, but the talent that has allowed the development of several hundreds of millions of amateur photographers . Millions of people who have discovered and developed their ability to see things, that only they can see, and to compose beautiful images.

Today anyone can become a great photographer and not just have a great camera . After all, as they remember in Ars Technica:

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