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Canary, the first intelligent security system you’ll ever want to have


Do you remember Nest, the intelligent, ever-connected thermostat that learns from our habits? Well Canary is the same but focused on home security , a small device full of sensors, ultra simple to use and capable of offering us on our own phone from a panoramic view of our house to tell us if someone has entered it, a fire is breaking out or carbon monoxide levels are unacceptable.

Canary, the first intelligent security system you’ll ever want to have
Canary, the first intelligent security system you’ll ever want to have

Canary does not require any special installation when connected via Wi-Fi, so not only is it much more useful than a traditional alarm, it is also considerably cheaper. But before you see what it does, look at its specifications: high definition camera with angled lens and night vision , high sensitivity microphone, speaker, siren, accelerometer and motion sensors (via infrared), temperature, humidity and air quality.

All these data are processed to alert us in case of any out of the ordinary event, and it is worth mentioning the “out of the ordinary” because Canary learns from our habits so if we always arrive home at seven in the evening we will not be disturbed every time we open the door, but if it detects any sound or movement at 2:30 it will alert us to take a look, communicate through its speaker, sound the alarm or call the police directly.

Its uses of course go further, and based on the fact that it has a camera, microphone and speaker, it can be a device for monitoring our children , a pet or simply to keep an eye on things and check that everything is OK even if we are on the other side of the world. All this via web or through your iPhone app (soon also iPad and Android).

A few more details: Canary stores the data it collects in the cloud so it won’t be of any use to thieves to throw it out the window. We can also have it automatically activated and deactivated based on our geolocation, or even give access to other friends or family so that they can also be alerted in case we are out of range.

Canary will start distribution in May 2014 and the price of one unit (up to four can be combined to cover a larger area) will be $199 although the first sponsors of his campaign at Indiegogo have managed it for 149.

I’m an enthusiast of this whole new generation of connected devices much smarter, and with much more sense, than the previous fashion of putting a screen on anything whether it serves a purpose or not (case of the fridges). My list of must-haves for the home includes Nest, the Philips Hue bulbs, a helpful Roomba and now this little canary too.

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