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Canabalt para iPhone, iPad y iPad Mini

Canabalt is our game of the day

Canabalt is a endless runner game available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini with a very retro look that has fascinated us. It costs 2.69 euros and, after trying it, we found it brutal, very entertaining and extremely addictive .

In Canabalt we will handle a character that will go through the roofs of the buildings jumping from one to another while avoiding all kinds of obstacles . One of the most interesting things about Canabalt is that each game is unique, the game randomly creates different maps of the city, which, by the way, have a very exciting and dystopian setting.

Canabalt teleports us to a catastrophic city

Canabalt para iPhone, iPad y iPad MiniCanabalt para iPhone, iPad y iPad Mini

Retro style games like Canabalt don’t usually offer as much tension in gameplay or convey as much excitement to players. In Canabalt buildings will collapse in our path , all sorts of obstacles will fall from the sky and we will have to break glass and make epic jumps in our escape.

We loved the impressive and thrilling soundtrack and the sound effects. They really got us into the game. As for the controls, Canabalt is simple. One finger is all it takes to play Canabalt , and when we tap on the iPhone and iPad screen, our character takes a big leap.

With these impressive jumps we will have to jump from one building to another, avoiding all kinds of obstacles. As we said before, the atmosphere of this retro game is magnificent, despite having pixel-like graphics, offers animations as spectacular as mini earthquakes that will make us live the adventure of Canabalt to the fullest.

Finally, the goal is clear, we will have to try to reach as many meters as possible in our escape . We were delighted with the retro minimalism that Canabalt offers and especially with the techno soundtrack of the game. It’s true that in the App Store there are a lot of endless runner games, but none like Canabalt. Try it or watch our gameplay to discover it by yourself!

Canabalt offers us a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE on our tablets and smartphones!

Canabalt on video

Take a look at our video gameplay review where we show you how Canabalt works. Enjoy it!

Download Canabalt

You can download the entertaining game Canabalt from the link below, located inside this download box:

Have you already tried Canabalt ? What do you think ?