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Can you imagine Steve Jobs dressed as Willy Wonka?

It’s common knowledge that the word eccentricism is intimately linked to the name Steve Jobs. Many are the anecdotes that have come to light during his life, but it is perhaps after his death that people have paid more attention to them. It would be hard to imagine the founder of Apple giving up his jeans and black sweater, right? Well, if the name Willy Wonka rings a bell, be prepared to read the following lines.

A life is worth a lot, and the life of a genius even more so. The 56 years Steve Jobs gave us are full of anecdotes , some more controversial than others. Many are gathered in the biography that Walter Isaacson wrote after his death. If you’ve had a chance to read it, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, and you’ll be familiar with the many eccentricities of the then CEO of Apple. You probably think there’s little left to know about this person, but you’re wrong, author Ken Segall brings us another book entitled Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Succes . Possibly, in the following paragraph you will read something that will surprise you a lot about this Californian.

Can you imagine Steve Jobs dressed as Willy Wonka?Can you imagine Steve Jobs dressed as Willy Wonka?

An extract from this book takes us back shortly after the launch of the first iMac . At that time Steve was looking for an original way to celebrate the millionth unit sale . Segall tells us the following:

This idea amused some, but greatly displeased others, including, years later, a servant. Fortunately, California law said that for a sweepstakes to be legal, there did not have to be a purchase . This way, the participation of any person was allowed, which implied too many variables; thus, the CEO of the company ended up discarding the idea .

How does your body stay after reading something like that? I can only say that flirting with LSD has long-term consequences. Finally, as a picture is worth a thousand words, I leave you with a short film made by the guys at Collage Humor last year. Believe me, it’s not wasted and it sublimely illustrates this whole story.

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