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Can you imagine Elon Musk as the next CEO of Apple?

A few days ago we learned through an interview that Ken Segall (former creative director of Apple) commented that ” Elon Musk was the current Steve Jobs “. Moreover, Mr. Segall himself dared to joke about the possibility that Musk would be the future CEO of the Californian firm .

For those who do not know Elon Musk, it should be noted that this gentleman is one of the most important entrepreneurs in the world . He is the founder of the car brand Tesla Motors . This firm is revolutionizing the automobile market, through the manufacture of completely electric vehicles full of innovation.

Can you imagine Elon Musk as the next CEO of Apple?
Can you imagine Elon Musk as the next CEO of Apple?

You may have heard of the famous Autopilot system. This is basically one of the most important innovations in the automobile sector, since it allows a vehicle to run practically autonomously and safely .

On the other hand, different companies like PayPal, Zip2, or SolarCity are also companies that are the result of Mr. Musk’s intelligence and vision. It is estimated, that his fortune is around 11 billion dollars.

Elon Musk is currently developing several projects. One of them is the famous Hyperloop . This innovative method of transport would make it possible to link large cities of hundreds of kilometres in distance, by means of capsules with air systems. In this way, a 6-hour journey by car could be completed in only 35 minutes .

Let us emphasize that Mr. Musk is also facing what is possibly one of the most important projects of the century, the SpaceX . The aim of this project is to take a team of astronauts to Mars .


A merger between Apple and Tesla , would be incredibly interesting for the future of the automotive sector. Perhaps, it is the necessary push that Apple would need in order to develop a really viable Apple Car prototype . Furthermore, if Mr. Musk were to arrive at Apple as CEO, I believe that innovation would be further enhanced in the apple company, despite the fact that there are currently many innovative projects under development, with which Californians are immersed.

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