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Can Apple revolutionize the market again?

Following a question from CNET, the person who, together with Steve Jobs, founded Apple over 40 years ago, Stephen Wozniak, has said that the company has grown so much that even the fact that they are so big pushes them backwards when it comes to innovation.

Wozniak firmly believes that who will follow this path will be the world-renowned brand,Tesla . This great company is constantly innovating, slowly but surely, in the field of urban mobility until it can be considered a revolutionary company in this field.

Can Apple revolutionize the market again?
Can Apple revolutionize the market again?

To realize that Wozniak is right, we just have to look over the car market, which is constantly changing and evolving, so fast, that the cars we buy today, could be obsolete in just 5 years.

Cupertino’s people have managed to create a huge company, because even if we compare it with the empire that Steve Jobs created, we can witness an unprecedented and never before seen growth in the electronics sector . And even more so if we consider that Steve Jobs’ Apple was by no means small.

Idea and organization is more important than size

Apple is bigger than anyone can imagine, because it is common that in many working groups do not have the remotest idea of what can be done in other departments or development groups

It is also very frequent to see groups that are set up to carry out a very delicate project of great importance for the company being isolated by Apple so that they work independently , something like a tiny startup, but having all of Apple’s resources at their disposal.

The revolution has only just begun

There is no doubt that Apple has been a very revolutionary company over the last few years ,among many of its products of this caliber, we have, for example, the iPhone. This revolution has already ended, since there are many companies, especially Chinese and Asian, who make telephone terminals with the same characteristics as this one.

Let’s be very clear, Apple will continue to grow, it may take a while to get back to being a company that revolutionizes its industry, but they will do it, sooner or later, one way or another, but they will get it back. Apple was, is and will always be an icon for all those companies that in the future will be involved in electronics.

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