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Can anything good really get better?

Instagram releases its new version of the application, we thought it couldn’t get any better, that it would just add filters from time to time, but the guys at Instagram have decided to completely redesign the application and show us that good things can sometimes be better.

Given the imminent threats from Facebook, which indicate that it is in the middle of developing its own filters, Instagram the social network of photographs par excellence launched yesterday, through the App Store, one of the most important updates it has made, version 2.0. I’ve been using this new version for two days now and my initial question was what could have improved on something that works really well? and I could clearly see its improvements, at first I thought they would only introduce new filters, but I was completely wrong, as there are really many new features. This new version brings improvements in the rendering of images, it brings new filters and as you can see at first glance a total redesign of the application.

Can anything good really get better?Can anything good really get better?

One of the most important features introduced by Instagram in its new version are the live filters, i.e. being able to see how the photo will look before it is taken . Among these filters already known by all, there are four new Amaro, Rise, Hudson, and Valencia , I hope they will be well received by Instagramers.

One of the changes that has caught my attention, because I considered it necessary, is the increase of the resolution of the images and the speed when applying the filters (before it could take some seconds). Regarding the images in the previous version, the quality was much lower than the one taken with the camera application, typical of the iPhone. Now using Isntagram 2.0 the resolution of the picture has been increased from 612×612 to 1936×1936 for the iPhone 4 , and about 1536×1536 pixels for the iPhone 3GS, clearly increasing the quality of the photographs taken.

One more novelty is that now, apart from using filters on the photographs, we also have small editing tools , which are very scarce at the moment, although we hope that in the future they will grow, among which we find the possibility of rotating the image, enable or disable the borders (in the previous version each filter came with a default border), the use or not of the flash, the choice of the camera to use and finally the possibility of focusing an area of the image, this new option is handled beautifully with the multi-touch gestures typical of the iPhone.

Oh, by the way, they’ve also improved the logo of the application , but of course, in the meantime, this could go unnoticed. I can only tell you that Instagram is a free application and one of the best I’ve tried , if you don’t know it, don’t hesitate to download it, you’ll like it! I’m waiting for the native version for the iPad, let’s see if they listen to me!