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Campaña Genial Pensando Diferente

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Think different from Cristian Jimenez and Arnay Aloy on Vimeo.

Campaña Genial Pensando Diferente
Campaña Genial Pensando Diferente

One of our readers, Jordiasekes, wrote a comment in an entry about this great campaign, and as I think we haven’t talked about it at Apple, and as I also think it deserves an entry on its own, well here it is. The project is by Arnay Aloy and Cristian Jiménez, about an experimental campaign for Apple called “Thinking Different” , or thinking differently in Spanish. The campaign was carried out as a communication project while they were studying. And, with it, they won some prizes like: Laus2007 (student category), finalists in Art Directors Club of Europe (European Student of the Year 2007) and were selected for SelectF by Index Book Editorial.

The project is based on the already classic Apple campaign, but what Arnay and Cristian did was to hide the ad in the magazine, so you had to think differently to find the message. The truth is that it’s one of the most creative ads I’ve seen. I’ve looked for information about the technique of having to deform the magazine to see it, and I think it has a name but this time San Google is not helping me much, so if any of you know it, please write a comment thanks to Hector Zapata and his comment in the post.

Jordiasekes, thank you for the tip-off!

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