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Camera+ in App Store

Hello! Hello! You’re not looking for Camera+2 instead? We’ve rebuilt our new application from the ground up to keep up with mobile photography for the next 10 years (or 20, who knows) – check it out at http:/!

Over 10 million copies sold!

Camera+ in App Store
Camera+ in App Store

Our reason for being: quality photography

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced photographer or if you have barely touched a camera; with Camera+ you will love taking pictures.

Tactile focus and exposure

Adjusts exposure and focus independently. It’s easy to control how dark or how bright your photos will be.

Shooting Modes

Use Stabilizer mode to keep your iPhone still and get razor-sharp photos. The Timer function has countless applications, including taking great-looking portraits. Capture all the action with the Burst function for a quick sequence of photos.

Digital zoom

The up to 6× zoom with advanced digital processing offers quality that is light years ahead of the competition.

Front flash

Have you ever wanted to take a self-portrait in a dimly lit place, but couldn’t? You can do it now!

Horizon level

Use the Horizon Level to keep the pictures from falling.


Clarity is one of the greatest achievements in image processing in recent times. Claridad analyzes photos and makes various intelligent adjustments to highlight details and bring images to life as if by magic. Thanks to Clarity, you no longer have to delete bad photos. You’ll be amazed at what it can do with photos that would normally be unusable, such as those that are too dark.

Scene modes

Most modern digital cameras have scene modes to help you get the best shots in every situation. With Camera+ you can choose from several scene modes such as Food, Sunset, Night, Portrait, Beach and many more.


Professional photographer Lisa Bettany has created a selection of spectacular effects. Make your photos shine with the “HDR” effect, give them a raw look with “Grunge”, or fill them with emotion and melancholy with “Emo”. And this is just the tip of the iceberg… There are dozens of effects to experiment with, all just a touch away.

Light table

All the photos you take with Camera+ are stored on the innovative Light Table, where you can quickly view them and discard the ones you don’t want. Save only the photos you’re happy with, leaving your film well organized.


Camera+ allows you to show your images to your friends, your family, or to everyone. Share your creations on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. To make it more personal, send photos by email or SMS from the application itself.

Synchronize the light table with iCloud

Automatically sync your Camera+ photos to all your devices. Take photos on iPhone all day. And edit them at night on iPad.


If you didn’t get the ideal frame when you took the picture, with Camera+ you can easily fix it. And if you want to test your creativity, we’ve prepared a variety of crop sizes that are ready for you to use. With one touch you can apply a square frame to your photos, or 4×6, 8×10, etc.


With Cámara+ you have at your disposal several contour designs to give the final touch to your photos. From a simple black or white outline to more elaborate designs, you can add great detail to your photos.


Have fun adding notes to your photos. It’s a great way to further customize your favorite images.

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