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Camera+ , great application to take advantage of your iPhone’s camera

Camera+ is an application that allows you to take advantage of the iPhone’s camera . Without a doubt, there are plenty of applications for taking photos and retouching them on the App Store, and at Apple we’ve already seen some of them, such as Camera Plus Pro, Camera Bag, Photoforge and Polarize.

Camera+ , great application to take advantage of your iPhone’s camera
Camera+ , great application to take advantage of your iPhone’s camera

But Camera+ provides a small cocktail of all of them allowing you to take pictures and perform a digital zoom of up to five steps. Then you can edit them with a wide variety of effects, cropping possibilities, Flash simulations for different conditions, etc… And all this for 2.39 euros which is not at all expensive for the versatility that we will obtain. But let’s see a bit more, Camera+

Camera+, taking pictures

When taking pictures Camera+ offers a very curious interface , on the one hand we will have the typical view in which the full screen of the iPhone will act as a viewfinder and we will be able to determine the type of grid we want to frame our photos; while on the other hand we will see a simulation of a reflex camera with a small viewfinder with which we will see what we are going to capture.

Obviously the first option, where the whole screen and its grid is the viewfinder is the most comfortable one but the other one does not stop being curious for that “reflex” emulation where we will even have a trigger button. In this second view we will see a small display where we can enter the settings, select to take pictures or go to the development reel.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Camera+ has a stabilization option which consists of pressing the relevant button so that the application can analyze the movements that occur, so that it does not take the picture until those movements are null or practically unnoticeable.

Camera+, the developing reel

In Camera+ the film is independent of the iPhone film . In this way we avoid shooting and storing the images where we probably already have others taken with another application or simply synchronized. The advantage is obvious, we don’t mix and we can keep our iPhone film organized.

But can the photos on that film be passed on to the iPhone photo library? Of course you can. To do this, once we edit the photo with Camera+, when we save it directly it will disappear from the “negative roll” of Camera+ and will be transferred to the iPhone film already processed if we have applied any filter or modification or we directly take it if we didn’t do anything.

Camera+, processing options

Like many applications of this type, Camera+ allows different processing actions such as cropping, adding filters, frames,… With these tools we can achieve that normal photos acquire a surprising final result.

With the Scenes we will be able to simulate different light conditions with which to improve images taken against light, without Flash,… Then with the special effects we simulate processing techniques that will give a different touch by applying color filters, grounge and even the use of different types of cameras Ansel, Lomo, Antiguo, etc …

Conclusions on Camera+


With a careful and simple interface design, it is easy to use for those who are less familiar with the subject, and using a separate reel from the iPhone’s reel is a great idea.

And all for a price of 2.39 euros which I think is adjusted for the possibilities it offers. Obviously the quality of the camera will remain the same but we have already seen on certain occasions that despite this you can get really good and interesting photos even with the worst camera with some simple tips and a few tricks, as the camera helps but does not make the photo.

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