calls for a boycott of Apple… while tweeting from an iPhone

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calls for a boycott of Apple… while tweeting from an iPhone
calls for a boycott of Apple… while tweeting from an iPhone


Compartir Donald Trump lo vuelve a hacer: pide un boicot a Apple… mientras tuitea desde un iPhone



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Temas de interés The New York-born billionaire has already starred in many debates, and even some related to Apple.

Their latest feat, which resulted from the controversy surrounding the FBI’s request for Apple to manufacture a special version of iOS that would allow them to unlock any iPhone they wanted from U.S. authorities, has been to call for a boycott of the company while tweeting from an iPhone . Using the service’s official client, specifically.

He has also called for a boycott in some speech, asking that no one use Apple products until the company grants access to the phone the FBI wants:

Trump wanted to correct the issue by clarifying the devices he uses for Twitter, saying he has both an iPhone and a Samsung and that will switch to using only the Samsung for the social network if Apple doesn’t change its mind:

And in an irony that is already common to all politicians, the damn newspaper library has also made a dent in the matter. Here’s Trump asking Apple to make bigger smartphones a couple of years ago:

We don’t think Apple will react to this boycott, since in view of Trump’s positions I don’t think Tim Cook is interested in playing along with this candidate. What we will follow with attention is how the discussions with the FBI evolve , since Apple has taken a very firm position contradicting even the sentence of a judge.

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