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Calibrate your Mac battery

Laptop computers may require the most care in maintaining the system . With the type of use to which they are usually exposed, they require the most attention. The batteries are not going to be less, if we want them to endure as many cycles as possible and the system represents its real level of charge , we will have to adjust from time to time the internal microprocessor that controls the level of charge of the same.

Calibrate your Mac battery
Calibrate your Mac battery

If the microprocessor is out of calibration , it can lead to false readings and to consider a battery as fully charged, when it really is not, producing a decrease in performance.

To maintain a perfectly calibrated battery, there is a simple task that you must remember periodically, and for that Apple provides a service on its page that points us to our iCal monthly appointments to perform this simple maintenance.

The procedure varies according to the Apple laptop model we are dealing with, as they do not act in the same way. The batteries were modified when Apple made the architecture change to Intel.

On the iBook, Powerbook and 15-inch Powerbook G4 (except for the last revision before switching to Macbook Pro) there are only three steps that we have to take to get our battery properly calibrated:

  • Connect the battery and charge it fully, until the charge indicator LED on the power connector has turned from red to green, then with the battery fully charged (supposedly) we will disconnect the laptop from the power.
  • We will use the laptop normally, but we will wait for the system to warn us of the low battery level, then we will continue working with it, until the laptop goes to sleep.
  • At this point, we’ll have managed to get the battery empty enough to calibrate it. Now we will have to connect the charger to it and let it charge completely until it is used again.

In the latest generation of 15 inch Powerbooks G4 and the entire range of Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air the battery has changed, and the way to proceed too, now there are five steps to be taken.

  • Connect your laptop to the power supply and wait until it is fully charged, make sure that the battery indicator on the screen also shows this
  • Let the laptop remain fully charged for at least two more hours. If you need to continue working, leave it with the charger connected or turn it off during this time at least.
  • After this time, unplug it and use it normally until the charge level indicator warns you, record all your data and continue using the notebook until it goes into standby.
  • Turn off the laptop and keep it that way for at least five hours.
  • Re-connect the charger to the laptop and let it be fully charged, then we can use the laptop normally.

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This way we will always know the real battery level.