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Caliber, eBook Manager: In Depth

Calibre is a complete application that allows us to manage our collection of e-books . With a single program you can perform different actions that will allow you to obtain total control over your books, both when administering them and if you want to export them, convert them, etc… In addition to supporting multiple readers with which to synchronize the books.

Caliber, eBook Manager: In Depth
Caliber, eBook Manager: In Depth

Possibly at this time applications of this type do not seem very useful but I advise you to note it because surely in the near future we will have to resort to make conversions, modifications, etc … Let’s see a little more thoroughly all that Calibre offers.

Caliber, as an eBook manager

When we have few documents the organization in the traditional way, that is to say using the typical folders, can be simple and even advisable. But when the list grows and grows is when we need a management application. With Calibre we will be able to manage our e-books completely.

What kind of sorting does it allow? Almost all possible: by title, author, date added to library, date of publication, size, punctuation,… This will allow you to sort the books to anyone’s liking.

In addition, we can modify the metadata of the ebooks or include them if you do not have them, labels and comments. This allows us to insert small descriptions to locate them more easily. For example, adding metadata with the theme or keywords.

Something that I liked very much is the possibility that Calibre allows to add the information downloaded from the internet from the title, author or ISBN code. A system similar to the one that iTunes does with the songs we add, being able to locate the cover, which makes the work easier for the lazy ones.

Format conversion

One of the great advantages and reason why this application is essential. Calibre is able to support multiple files both input and output. This way, depending on the device we have (iPad, Kindle, Nook, …) we can convert books into different formats by the compatible or the most appropriate for each of them.

Supported formats:



Synchronizing books

Caliber, as we have already said, allows conversions to different formats. This allows it to be compatible, thanks to its modular creation, with many devices and to be able to synchronize the books we have.

But of course, synchronizing is usually not a problem since most readers come with some kind of application for such work. The advantage of Calibre is that if a reader supports different formats, it will select the most suitable one when sending a book to it.

Book reader

Calibre includes, of course, a simple e-book viewer with which we can read the books we buy, download for free or share on our own computer.

The operation is simple without any detail that may be strange to us, it’s like opening a PDF file with Vistra Previa, easy, isn’t it?


Calibre eBook

The first functionality allows us to download the news (from the list it offers or by adding our own) and pass it to our reader so that we can read it whenever we want without the need to have an internet connection. We can program these downloads so that we can set the time when they will be downloaded, and we can do it before leaving for work.

With the second function we will be able, as long as the reader allows it, to access the content that we manage with Calibre to be able to access the book that we want without the need to connect cables. For example, on the iPhone or iPod Touch we will have to use the Stranza application to access the Stranza library, which Samuel talked about to turn our iPhone into a book reader.


Surely, Calibre is a great application. And at the moment one of the best options for these uses we have been seeing. Without forgetting that it has small details that with patience and a little bit of curiosity make us take advantage of all this digital book stuff.

One application available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows . And totally free although the author accepts donations. In the official page you can see a video where they show the operation.

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