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We return to our Application of the Week section, where week by week we will bring you some of the best applications to get the most out of your iOS devices. Today we echo Calendars, a calendar application that will delight all those who would do anything to make the days last 40 hours instead of 24. Improve significantly the organization of your day to day thanks to Calendars, discover it!

I am not telling you anything new if I say that many of us live in a very demanding society, seeing ourselves immersed in a hectic day-to-day life where the demands are high, the tasks to be done are many and time is scarce. To be able to reach everything without forgetting anything, it is necessary to get organized , for which we have a good number of applications: calendars, reminders, GTD, etc. Today we will focus on the first group, and more specifically on how for some people the iOS calendar may not be the best solution .

The iOS calendar and its problems

Apple has designed a calendar application that for my taste is completely different on iPhone and iPad due to the differences in screen size of both terminals. In the larger device we find a very complete and well designed application , where the creation and display of events in time can be done almost instantly. However, this feature is not completely satisfied in its iPhone version , as instant querying of information can be cumbersome in many ways. I’ll explain why:

  • Day view: Within a day we can visualize at most four hours, which gives us a first view of the next tasks to be performed but no information in the medium-long term unless we move through the interface.
  • Weekly view: When you put the iPhone in horizontal position you will see seven hours corresponding to three days. Any idea of what we have to do during the week becomes a chimera.
  • Monthly view: In my opinion, totally useless. Having to select each date marked with a dot in order to visualize the events in a tiny box below seems to me a total nuisance.
  • List view: In this case I think that its design is correct and gives a solution to the problem for which it was created.

This is a good application in which, according to my use , I don’t see how the information is displayed in some cases .

Calendars and Instant Information

I, an impatient boy where I am, decided to find a replacement for the native Calendar application. I was looking for someone who could give me all the functionality I already had but at the same time provide me with the information in a more accurate way and, after a lot of searching, I found this very good application that I have come to talk about today. Calendars offers us all the functionality that can boast Calendar , adding other advantages such as:


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    Advanced event creation: The process of adding appointments is very similar to the one in the native iOS application, improving the selection of date and time through a calendar and tables with hours and minutes, which will make us forget about the roulette. In addition, Calendars offers a possibility that Apple only takes into account on the personalized repetition of events.

  1. Tasks: Why use two applications when you can integrate everything into one? It’s true that it can’t be compared to its iOS counterpart at all, since it doesn’t allow you to geolocate reminders or assign them a priority, but it will certainly help less demanding users. In addition, you will have the possibility to synchronize your task list with Google Tasks in case you have a big G company account.
  2. Information at a glance: Of course, the improvements that moved us to find this application are fulfilled, being able to make a direct transition between days, weeks and months thanks to the lower bar, which will avoid us to navigate in a sequential way:
  • Day view: We spend four to ten hours, which means we visualize a large part of our day.
  • Weekly view: Appointments for the next seven days, allowing you to see at a glance everything you have planned for the coming week. Very interesting, isn’t it?
  • Monthly view: two events for each day without moving a single finger. You can also choose the day you want to view all the events taking place in it.


I’m sure many people will find the native iOS application sufficient, but I think that those who regularly use the calendar to organize their day-to-day life will benefit a lot from the improvement that I think this minimalist application represents over the one developed by Apple . Its use is simple, it allows us to use it with both the device’s and Google’s calendars and we will be able to enjoy it both on our iPhone (already adapted for the latest model) and on our iPad (redesigned to take full advantage of the 9.7 inches). A very good application whose only drawback may be its price: 5.99 euros . Like everything in life, how expensive or cheap things are depends on the use you are going to give them, so if you are in the same situation as me and you buy it, I think that in a very short time you will see that it will be worth scratching your pocket.


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