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Byline for iPad: New Feeds Reader

Byline para iPad

With Byline for iPad you can read your favorite blogs from your tablet even if at some point you don’t have an internet connection.

Byline for iPad: New Feeds Reader
Byline for iPad: New Feeds Reader

On Cupertino’s tablet there are great and revolutionary iPad applications for reading feeds such as Flipboard or Pulse , but if you’re looking for an application with a more classic interface and that allows you to better control your subscriptions Byline for iPad is what you’re looking for.

This is a feed reader , which has an interface practically the same as the mail application that comes with every iPad.

Just enter the data for your Google Reader account and the application will start synchronising your feeds. The synchronisation is completely bi-directional, so you will have Google Reader and your iPad always in the same state.

It has support for Instapaper, Read It Later and integration with Twitter .

One of the things we liked best about Byline for iPad, is its offline mode . The application itself downloads the content of the 10oo most recent posts of your subscriptions, including images and full web pages. But not only can you browse the news in offline mode, but you can also share articles, bookmark, and all other online features. In other words, whether you have a network or not, the application works exactly the same. When you have an Internet connection again, Byline will resynchronize all the changes.

Finally, another feature that we like the most is that even if the feed you subscribe to only has a small extract of the post in question in the feed, Byline will download the whole article, so you don’t have to click on the news to see it all, that is, you won’t have feeds with extracts , but always complete feeds.

The Byline app for iPad is now available on the App Store completely free of charge.

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