by day and by night

El Apple Campus 2 es más impresionante que nunca, esta es su evolución en agosto de 2016

Less than two months have passed since we have seen the last drone view video of Apple Campus 2. Apple’s megastructure is taking more and more shape , and today we can see it even bigger thanks to two new drone view videos, one made with daylight and the other made at night

by day and by night
by day and by night

The fact is that Apple Campus 2 has little left to build, as there are fewer and fewer cranes and architects are making way for electricians and decorators. On the other hand, in the center of the Apple Campus 2 the big water fountain is starting to be created, but unlike last month’s video, this time there are not many more changes in terms of the gardens and the exterior.

The video also shows us the large underground room that Apple is preparing and plans to use to present future products and services of the company. We can also see one of the seven cafeterias that the Apple Campus has, appearing on the outside edge of the building. And a brief look at the end of the video allows us to see the different tunnels that connect the different parts of the campus.

In the second video, already made by day as we are accustomed, it shows us how the solar panels are already to 40% located approximately , that is to say, still a great part of the building is missing to be covered with solar panels. We can also see more closely the underground auditorium and all the peripheral buildings aligned with the street near the campus.

Let’s remember that Apple plans to include more amenities for its employees on campus , such as exercise areas or basketball, tennis or even cycling halls. Either way, it is expected to be completed within two months, provided that the first employees arrive on campus in early 2017.

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