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Buying guide of compatible and recommended keyboards for Mac

The only Apple computer that includes the mouse and keyboard is the iMac . If we have purchased a Mac mini, we will need to buy both peripherals in order to use it (apart from the monitor). Of course, it is not included in any laptop, because of course they are integrated into the chassis.

While any wired, wireless or Bluetooth mouse is compatible, the picture with keyboards is a little different. Of course a normal keyboard can be used with the computers in the Bite Block, but most come with the Windows key layout .

Buying guide of compatible and recommended keyboards for Mac
Buying guide of compatible and recommended keyboards for Mac

In macOS there are the command (cmd) and option keys, which are not registered in the specific keyboards for Windows (usually). Although pressing these keys on a keyboard of this type on a Mac computer do their job, that are not silkscreen printed can be an inconvenience for users who do not have the layout memorized.

Regardless of the reason that led us to think about buying a Mac keyboard, in this guide we will list the best that we can use with Apple computers.

Beyond looking for a keyboard with the macOS key layout, there are several aspects to consider before we dive in.

To begin with, there are several types of keyboard . The “old ones” are wired, that is, they are connected to the computer by means of a cable. In the middle of 2019 we could say that they all use the USB-A connector, the “traditional” one. With a wired keyboard, we don’t have to worry about checking the state of the batteries or the battery charge, but we will also be limited to using it from a short distance. On the other hand, those that use a receiver or Bluetooth technology allow us (within a range of about 10 meters, as a rule) greater mobility, although they work with batteries.

On the other hand there is the format. Apart from the type of connection, the keyboards are also differentiated by whether they have numeric pad or not . This is the section usually included on the right side of calculator keyboards, to perform mathematical operations much faster than using the top row with numbers. Depending on our needs, it can be a decisive or an indifferent factor.

Finally, the price . Depending on our budget we will have access to some models with a better quality of construction and more durable materials or to others more “basic”, but functional. We must also ensure that the layout is Spanish QWERTY.

OMOTON Bluetooth Keyboard

We start the guide with a keyboard that stands out for its good value for money. It comes with the layout of macOS keys and Spanish QWERTY , so we can use it without problem with Apple computers, as well as iOS devices.

To establish a connection, it uses Bluetooth 3.0 , so it is compatible with any relatively recent product. The operating range is approximately 10 meters, and uses two AAA batteries (not included). It also has a numeric keypad, perfect if we often work with numbers.

It has a weight of 325 grams , and a size of 34.6 x 12.4 cm. Its price is 18.99 euros on Amazon.

OMOTON Bluetooth Keyboard Wireless Keyboard Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Macbook (Version 10.0 or higher), with Numeric Keypad, Spanish Keyboard, Black Color, Not IMAC Compatible

Today on Amazon for 19,99

DREVO Calibur V2 mechanical keyboard

Finding a mechanical keyboard with the function and macOS command keys is not easy, but DREVO’s Calibur V2 has them. With a total of 72 keys, it has customizable RGB backlighting with 16.8 million color options, and the ability to configure each key separately using DPC software.

With its dual mode PCMac , it is possible to easily change the distribution and options between systems using the keyboard shortcut FN+TAB. It also has a game mode to avoid anti-ghosting and N-key Rollover, allowing you to control each key independently.

The Calibur V2 has no numeric pad, and is powered through a USB type C cable which is detachable. It is available with CHERRY MX or Outemu mechanisms, from 49.99 euros at Amazon.

DREVO Calibur V2 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Spanish QWERTY Distribution, 72-Key Compact, PCMac Compatible, USB Type C Removable, Black, Blue Outemu Switch

Today on Amazon for 41,99

Logitech K380

Logitech is one of the most experienced accessory manufacturers in the computer peripheral industry. With the Logitech K380 you have achieved a very versatile keyboard , compatible with all operating systems available on the market.

With a contained size and round keys, this alternative has some features that make it a very interesting option. It allows to configure up to 3 devices via Bluetooth , between which you can quickly change with the dedicated function keys. In this way, we can configure one for the computer, another for the smartphone and the last one for the tablet or the smart TV.

Although it is powered by two batteries, Logitech assures that its autonomy is approximately two years , so we can forget about them running out at the most inopportune moment. It is available in dark grey at a price of 34.57 euros.

Logitech K380 – Bluetooth Keyboard for Windows, Mac, Chrome and Android, dark gray color (Spanish keyboard)

Today on Ebay for 35,20EUR Today on Amazon for 42,39EUR in PcComponents for 35,99

Macally’s SLIMKEYPROA Keyboard

Apple’s keyboards, like the rest of its devices, stand out for their careful design . Finding one that fits the company’s stylistic patterns is not easy, but luckily there is Macally’s SLIMKEYPROA.

The appearance of this Macally product is very similar to the one we can find in the Magic Keyboard with Apple’s numeric pad. It is made of aluminum and white , so it matches the brand’s computers. It consists of 104 keys of good size and low profile with scissor mechanism. The numeric pad has 17 keys.

It does not require batteries of any kind as it uses a USB-A cable, which has a length of 150 centimeters . It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Its price is 56.65 euros.

Macally SLIMKEYPROA-ES, USB-A Keyboard for Mac and PC, Spanish Layout

PVP on K-tuin for 49EUR Today on Amazon for 56.50EUR PVP on eBay for 58.37EUR

Vinpok Taptek Keyboard

Another mechanical keyboard that slips through the cracks is Vinpok’s Taptek, which is advertised as one of the world’s thinnest wireless mechanical keyboards for Mac .


Its gray design makes it a very elegant keyboard. It allows 19 different RGB backlights, plus pairing up to 3 devices Mac, Windows, iOS or Android at the same time. Recharges via USB-C cable.

The main drawback of Vinpok’s Taptek is that the key layout is English QWERTY , so there is neither Ñ, nor Ç. It can be solved with Spanish stickers. It has a price of 117,99 euros.

Vinpok Taptek Thinnest Wireless Mac Mechanical Keyboard

Today on Amazon for 119.99Ebay for 121.49

Logitech Craft

Aimed at professionals and creatives, the Logitech Craft is a keyboard that contributes to increase our productivity .

The main attraction of Logitech Craft is , a selector disk that displays contextual functions by touching and changing function by pressing, in addition to selecting another function by turning.

This crown has been developed as a support for making creative processes in a more intuitive way , like changing the brightness in Photoshop, adjusting the path thickness in Illustrator or going through the timeline in Premiere Pro faster, or changing the font size in Microsoft Word.

It has intelligent lighting , that is, the keys light up when they detect that our hands are close, and dim or brighten automatically. It works on both Mac and Windows via Bluetooth or receiver up to 10 meters away, and is recharged via a USB-C connector. It costs 187.61 euros.

Logitech Craft – Wireless Keyboard for Windows, Mac, with Creative Selector Disc and also contributes to productivity – English QWERTY

Today on Ebay for 139.00EUR Today on Amazon for 149.99EUR in PcComponents for 187.61

Magic Keyboard with numeric pad

To end the guide, mention the Magic Keyboard, the official Apple keyboard . This version includes the numeric pad on the right side, with navigation controls so we can quickly move through the documents.

The Magic Keyboard uses a scissor mechanism that improves the stability of each key, allowing us to write quickly, comfortably and accurately. It is paired with the Mac through Bluetooth , and incorporates a battery that recharges through the Lightning port.

It is compatible with all the company’s products : iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini and Apple TV.

Magic Keyboard – Numeric (All)

PVP in PcComponents for 127,99EUR Today at Amazon for 130,80EUR PVP in Fnac for 149EUR

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