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The buying and selling of second-hand technology is the order of the day, and there are more and more platforms that facilitate these transactions. Unfortunately, making deals on these platforms is often not without risk. Not all sellers and buyers act in good faith, and in case of problems everything becomes very complicated.

That is why it is always advisable to entrust these tasks to professionals. The new ReBuy España shop allows us to make deals with complete guarantees and to ensure that everything will go well , so it is the best way to be calm before a purchase or sale. If you want to know more about ReBuy we recommend you to read this article.

The best way to sell an iPhone

buy sell refurbished iPhone ReBuy
buy sell refurbished iPhone ReBuy

The speed at which technology advances means that every few years we want to sell our iPhone or Android phone. Rather than risk making the purchase or sale on our own, which can go wrong due to problems with shipping, discrepancies with who is buying or the most pilgrimage reason, is interesting to go to ReBuy, where you ensure a high valuation and more guarantees than usual.

Although we are talking about phones, in ReBuy you can sell and buy any electronic product , be it tablets, computers, cameras, e-books, laptops, or speakers. Any electronic item has a place in ReBuy. If you are looking for a refurbished iPhone or any kind of phone within the wide range of used mobiles, ReBuy is the most suitable place to do it.

Selling the mobile phone becomes a simple process, we can send it for free and in ReBuy they buy it from us at a fixed price , so we avoid scares once the phone is no longer in our possession, and we receive the payment quickly and without commissions of any kind.

When it comes to selling the iPhone, everything is an advantage. ReBuy is a store that gets great ratings on platforms like Trustpilot, where users give a very high score to the new way of buying and selling electronic items. The advantage of making a purchase or a sale with ReBuy lies in the clarity of the process and that at no time will we encounter that strange feeling we sometimes have among private individuals. You do not put your device or your money at risk, purchases and sales are made in a clear and transparent way, with total monitoring of them.

What does ReBuy offer me?

To see the professionalism of ReBuy we will detail everything we have if we buy a device.

  • A 36-month warranty, yes, 3 years. It exceeds by 12 months what is offered by law in Spain for this type of product. If our phone stops working we can send it back to us repaired free of charge. If unfortunately the fault cannot be repaired, we will be refunded what was paid at the beginning. There is no depreciation and our money is always guaranteed.
  • We have 3 weeks to test our product without any commitment. If after 21 days we are not satisfied with the product, we can return it free of charge.
  • Shipments are made with solvent companies and our product carries its tracking number and is insured for the full amount. In the unlikely event of a loss, you are the one who loses absolutely nothing.

How does ReBuy assess the status of its terminals?

At ReBuy they want everything to be clear and not have any surprises of any kind when you open your package. Depending on the status of the device we will pay one value or another, but always guarantee that what we buy is accurate.

As new

The closest thing to buying it as almost out of the store. If there was any kind of wear and tear, it would be minimal and almost negligible unless we noticed it.

Very good condition

In this case we can find the typical micro-scratches that are only visible in the light or surface marks on the edges and frame.

Good condition

There are some marks in places on the screen, which can be perceived by running your finger or fingernail , or some mark on the frame.


There are visible marks of use, such as scratches on the screen or bumps, dust under the panel or marks on the body of the device.

Safe and secure shopping

No matter what state we have chosen for our device, we know that it works correctly, in no way , as it has been checked by the ReBuy team of experts. Forget about last-minute surprises and always pay just enough for the condition of your phone. ReBuy is the best solution to buy a refurbished iPhone, with 36 months warranty and 21 days right of return.

What else does it take to convince you? That you will never put your money at risk if you want to sell your iPhone, iPad or device, and that the valuation for our device is the highest. If you need to trust professionals, don’t hesitate to find or sell your electronic device at ReBuy, Europe’s leading store with more than 10 years of experience. Why complicate yourself by looking for devices by other means when complications can arise? Go safe and bet on ReBuy, the place where you never lose.

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