“Buy Now” the New Twitter Button

Twitter shows a new “Buy Now” button in its mobile application

Apparently, we will soon be able to buy products directly from the Twitter application. At least, that’s what we’ve been able to see recently in the service’s official app for smartphones and tablets. A new “Buy Now” button has appeared momentarily to some followers in the mobile app.

Specifically, it was during the day yesterday when we could see a new button on Twitter that appeared in some tweets talking about commercial products. The button in question appeared at the bottom of the tweets that were shared via Fancy , a popular commercial site that has been gaining a great reputation in recent years, with an eye-catching name: “Buy now”.

“Buy Now” the New Twitter Button
“Buy Now” the New Twitter Button

However, when the button in question was attempted it didn’t give any answer , which was to be expected as it was simply a new Twitter experiment and that’s why the operation couldn’t be completed.

Great things could come to Twitter in the coming months

This has not been the first time that we have seen some indication of the ideas that the social network has for the near future of the application, since a few months ago it was reported that the well-known microblogging was planning to implement an e-commerce service called Twitter Commerce and that it would come from the hand of Fancy.

Twitter is working hard to keep its popular social network growing and providing a unique user experience. So much so that in recent months we’ve seen the company experiment with several improvements such as a new feature to add comments to retweets, or even the possible inclusion of a button to share tweets through WhatsApp.

That’s why we weren’t surprised to see a new “Buy Now” button on Twitter , because seeing the great work the guys from the world’s most popular microblogging are doing to improve the user experience, both in the mobile versions and through the website, we’re ready to see great things in the not too distant future , according to what we’ve been able to read in Mashable.

Would you like to be able to shop comfortably from Twitter? , do you think we will finally see the “Buy Now” button from our mobile devices?

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