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Buy Mac hard drive on sale: save up to 65 euros

Having ample storage capacity is one of the most demanding requirements for most electronic devices today. A Mac and iPad can already be purchased with good internal memory, but you may run short or need another external drive to store files on and that’s where our offer comes in today, a super-discount 5TB Seagate.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Seagate brand. If not, you should know that it’s one of the most popular brands in the storage industry, offering high quality devices. This is also the case with the Seagate STGX5000400, an external hard drive with an almost unpronounceable name that is currently on sale.

Buy Mac hard drive on sale: save up to 65 euros
Buy Mac hard drive on sale: save up to 65 euros

We can find this storage unit with a discount in all its capacities, but the one that stands out the most is the 5 TB version , since it has a 38% discount that allows us to buy it for 65 Euros less . Of course, this hard disk has all the quality guarantees and offers up to 2 years for possible problems that could arise. It also has the possibility of adding an additional insurance for 8.79 euros and that covers some damages that are out of warranty.

Buy external hard drive with discount Buy it atEUR117.99

We believe that the large capacity of this hard drive can be more than enough for your management, since 5 TB give to keep a lot of content. You can use it to store important documents, series, movies, and even back up your Mac. You can even use it to install Windows in a bootable form.

If you also have an iPad Pro 2018 or 2020, you can take full advantage of the new capabilities iPadOS 13 gives you by connecting external storage devices like this one and managing them in much the same way you would on a Mac. Of course, if you don’t have a Mac or iPad, it will work with a Windows computer and even an Android device with a USB-C connector.

This hard drive is very worthwhile and despite being an investment of just over 100 euros, in the end it is a high quality product with storage that could cost you twice as much on any other occasion. Therefore, we recommend you to hurry and take advantage of this offer, since we do not know how long it will be in force.

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