Buy Logitech Circle View Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera HomeKit

The Logitech Circle View video surveillance camera gives you all-round security. A security camera that offers Full HD 1080p video , glass lens and HDR sensor wide angle with 180° field of view , Full field visibility with enhanced night vision that can reach up to 4.5 metres, integrates a microphone and speaker, and best of all, is fully compatible with the Apple HomeKit , for maximum comfort and safety.

Quick and easy safety

Another strength of the Logitech Circle View video surveillance camera is the ease with which it can be installed and configured. Just place it wherever you want, turn it on, add an accessory to the Home App on your iPhone or iPad , scan the configuration code and you’re done! Your video surveillance camera is now up and running. Moreover, thanks to its IP64 rating , you can place it wherever you want, as it is weatherproof.


Buy Logitech Circle View Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera HomeKit
Buy Logitech Circle View Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera HomeKit

The Logitech Circle View offers surveillance for the home, but only for you. That’s why it has built-in privacy features at both the hardware and software levels. You can easily tilt it down for instant privacy, allowing you to turn it off immediately through the physical button on the back, but also, by working with the Apple HomeKit and being compatible with HomeKit Secure Video , you can get additional features such as end-to-end encryption, automatic recording, home video analysis…

HomeKit Secure Video

The Logitech Circle View security camera is seamlessly integrated into the HomeKit ecosystem. With full support for Apple HomeKit Secure Video , you can store everything the Circle View detects in your iCloud account , encrypt your streaming video end-to-end, and through the App Home you can choose who can access your streaming and recordings, Set it to start recording as soon as you leave home, access up to 10 days of recording history based on detected motion, receive rich notifications on your iPhone or iPad, and even play video clips from the lock screen.

Domestic Hub

To control and manage your Logitech Circle View, you’ll need to use a home hub, also known as the accessories hub . Your home hub can be your HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad , which allows you to remotely control all of your HomeKit devices, as well as the Logitech Circle View camera, to grant access to people you trust and automate it to do what you want, when you want.


  • Wi-Fi surveillance camera
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weatherproof
  • 180º field of vision
  • Night vision up to 4.5 meters
  • Motion detection
  • Works through the Apple HomeKit
  • Built-in mono speaker

Technical specifications

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Resolution
  • Focus
  • Field of vision
  • IP rating
  • DimensionsHigh: 5.68 cmWidth: 6.72 cmDepth: 7.05 cm
  • Cable distance
  • Weight


  • OS
  • iOS 13.2 (or later)
  • iPadOS 13.2 (or later)
  • Devices
  • iPhone 6s (or later)
  • iPad mini 4 (or later)
  • iPad Air 2nd gen. (or later)
  • iPad 5th gene. (or later)
  • iPad Pro
  • Domestic Hub
  • Apple HomePod
  • Apple TV 4th gen. 4K
  • iPad

Contents of the box

  • Logitech Circle View
  • Documentation

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