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Buy iPhone XR on sale with an interesting discount

If you’re looking for an iPhone that meets the demands of battery life, modern design, and a fresh processor, the iPhone XR is probably the best choice. It’s not the latest device to be released by Apple, but it didn’t have to be to become a bestseller since its launch a year and a half ago. Today we also tell you where you can buy it cheaper.

The differences between the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone XR may end up being crucial for many users. It’s true that the new Apple device is cheaper and has an A13 Bionic chip, but the A12 of the iPhone XR and its more modern design may be key and the price difference to be paid is not abysmal. In fact this phone could be the perfect candidate for those users who are in limbo between the most demanding users and those who settle for less.

Buy iPhone XR on sale with an interesting discount
Buy iPhone XR on sale with an interesting discount

In the following link you can find the iPhone XR 670 euros , which means paying 40 euros less than in Apple. Not that it’s a huge discount, but in these times it’s a more than considerable saving. It should be noted that the phone is brand new and has all the legal guarantees , being the first year with Apple and the second managed by Amazon. You can also purchase the AppleCare+ insurance during the purchase process or from the device settings during the first 60 days. However, the discount we are talking about is only in the always elegant colour black.

Buy iPhone XR with discount Buy it atEUR655.90

As we were saying, this device has great goodness. Its processor is the penultimate one released by Apple, so there is only one more powerful chip above it and honestly the difference is not that big. It has a neural engine that speeds up many tasks and helps the software photo processing , which allows, among other things, to have the popular portrait mode despite having only one camera in its back.

Its front design is identical to that of the iPhone X, XS, and iPhone 11, with perhaps a little thicker edges but without being too prominent. Its panel is an IPS-type LCD of 6.1 inches in size, not being the best screen but being able to experience a pleasant day-to-day experience. It also has technologies that are highly valued by users, such as Face ID that allows you to quickly and safely unlock the device by simply detecting your face, as well as being able to make payments through Apple Pay.

Returning to the subject of cameras, it should be noted that in video recording is also an excellent terminal, allowing recording in 4K up to 60 photographs per second. We insist that it is not the best terminal in this sense, but it is really worth it because its quality is really outstanding for the price it has. So if you were considering buying an iPhone like this, maybe now is a great time to save some money on the purchase.

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