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Buy iPhone Compatible Dual Quick Charge Adapter

With the exception of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, all other Apple devices with a quick-charging capability do not have a corresponding adapter in their original box and must be purchased separately. That’s why we thought it was very interesting the offers we bring you today, because they also allow you to charge up to two devices at the same time at a high speed.

Which iPhone has a quick charge

In the Android market, especially in the high-end, you will find dozens of devices with the possibility of fast charging. At Apple, it took a little longer to incorporate such functionality to their devices, but the truth is that we already have a wide range of compatible devices, taking into account that the company barely launches devices every year. This is the complete list:

  • iPhone 8.
  • iPhone 8 Plus.
  • iPhone X.
  • iPhone XS.
  • iPhone XS Max.
  • iPhone XR.
  • iPhone 11.
  • iPhone 11 Pro.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • iPhone SE (2020).
Buy iPhone Compatible Dual Quick Charge AdapterBuy iPhone Compatible Dual Quick Charge Adapter

So if you have one of these devices or an Android-compatible device, we encourage you to read on. The adapter we’re talking about might interest you, because you can forget about battery-saving tricks like clearing the cache in iOS.

Dual 18w quick charge adapter

If you have one or two quick charging devices , the following dual adapter can be a great way to quickly charge them. It may not be advisable to do a daily charge with these adapters, as the battery health could suffer over time. However, it is more than useful to do so when you are about to leave the house and have hardly any battery left and do not want your mobile phone to leave you in the lurch at any time.

By clicking on the following link you can access an offer on a 18w power adapter . The discount is not much, since it is only 4.55 euros of savings. However, moving in prices not too high is very attractive. As you can see, this adapter has a standard USB output and another with USB type C . This way you can connect all kinds of devices regardless of the cable you have.

Dual 18w quick charge adapter Buy it atEUR18.99

Another 30w quick charge dual adapter

If the above adapter doesn’t convince you or you want to find one with even more power , you might be interested in this other offer. In this case you have two standard USB outputs which may be more interesting if you don’t have a USB-C cable as is the case with the previous adapter. In this case the offer will allow you to acquire this adapter for 9.99 euros . Again we find a very small discount on the original price, but we can not say that it is an expensive accessory.

Quick charger double to 30 w Buy it inEUR9.99

It should be noted that both this adapter and the 18w have safety certificates that will protect your iPhone and other devices you charge from possible overloads or other failures in the power supply. This is important if you do not want to suffer any scare as it can happen with other adapters on the market.

So, if you don’t have an iPhone charging dock and you use the classic charger, you can start taking advantage of fast charging for your iPhone, while charging other devices at the same time. This saves you a huge amount of money that you would have to pay for an official adapter at an Apple Retail Store, especially since they only offer charging for one device.