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Buy cheap accessories for Apple devices

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José Alberto Lizana

Buy cheap accessories for Apple devices
Buy cheap accessories for Apple devices

Posted on August 25, 2019 – 15:38

It is a reality that soon we must return to the routine and leave aside the holidays. What better way to get back to work than with the best accessories that make our lives a little easier and more productive. In this article as usual we will bring you the best accessories we have found for your Apple devices at the best price.

AirPods 2

The best accessory that we can have right now is an AirPod as with it we can enjoy our music anywhere as we can connect it to the iPhone, iPad, Mac or even the Apple Watch . As we have already mentioned this week, the second generation AirPods have an incredible discount at Amazon since you can save up to 17% on the AirPods compatible with wireless charging.

Buy AirPods 2 with a normal charging case at a 13% discount here.

Buy AirPods 2 with a charging case compatible with wireless charging at a 17% discount here.

3 in 1 charging station

If you want to avoid having a lot of cables on your desk to recharge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time, the best option we can find is to buy a 3-in-1 charging station. With this Hoidokly charging station we will be able to wirelessly charge our iPhone, and organize both our Apple Watch and AirPods to avoid them being loose on our desk. Right now this station has an interesting 25% discount on Amazon.

Buy this Hoidokly charging base here.

Mobile car holder

If you want to keep your phone in sight in the car, but not to see the WhatsApp but the GPS for example, the best way is to have a mobile holder where you can place the iPhone. This time the option that Beikell gives us is tremendously interesting because we can turn it 360º to make it more comfortable to visualize the information that the iPhone has to offer. It also has a hole at the bottom that allows us to pass the charging cable to be recharged while the iPhone is in the holder.

Buy Beikell’s mobile support here.

Logitech Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Pack

If you routinely connect your Mac to an external monitor to improve your productivity by using a larger display, you’re bound to find a number of peripherals that can help. The Logitech series comes with a great package of keyboard plus mouse that connects wirelessly to your computer with a USB receiver. Right now we find this pack with a 40% discount from Amazon being an offer that we should take advantage of.

Buy a Logitech pack with 40% discount here.

MoKo Case

If you’re looking for an iPad case from 9.7″, the MoKo brand case is certainly ideal. In addition to providing protection against scratches or falls it gives us quite a bit of versatility when it comes to putting the iPad in certain positions so that we’re more comfortable viewing multimedia content or writing with the Apple Pencil.

Buy this MoKo case in various colors here.

These accessories will undoubtedly make your life much easier and above all more productive. Most of them have discounts that can end in the next few hours so we recommend you get them as soon as possible.

Leave us your thoughts on these accessories for your Apple products in the comments box.

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