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Buy Belkin Boost Up 5W Wireless Charging Stand (without AC adapter)

The most convenient method of recharging our smartphones is wireless, and with the Belkin wireless charging cradle BOOST?UP you can recharge any phone that supports wireless Qi charging, without any wires in between. Thanks to the Qi certification offers a safe charge of 5W of power and is designed to charge any Qi-compatible iPhone or smartphone at the highest possible speed. Just leave your iPhone on top and when you see the white LED your phone will be charged.

Sleeved load

Adding to the convenience of wireless charging is that you don’t have to remove the case from your iPhone. The wireless charging cradle BOOST?UP is designed to work with lightweight plastic cases up to 3mm , so you don’t have to keep removing and inserting the case constantly. In addition, a sleek non-slip ring will prevent your iPhone from moving or slipping around.

Foreign object detection

Buy Belkin Boost Up 5W Wireless Charging Stand (without AC adapter)
Buy Belkin Boost Up 5W Wireless Charging Stand (without AC adapter)

On the Belkin Boost-Up wireless charging cradle there is a light LED that will turn from red to alert you to the presence of foreign objects placed on the cradle or misalignment of the smartphone. This helps prevent the charger from emitting unnecessary power and heat, which could damage your iPhone and other sensitive objects. Placing magnetic mounts or metal cases may reduce performance or damage the charging cradle, so if you have something attached to the phone case, remove it before starting to charge.


  • Load any Qi-compatible device
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Qi Certification
  • Maximum power of 5W
  • Charging status and foreign object LEDs
  • 3-year Belkin warranty

Technical specifications

  • Food:
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 95,5 mmHeight: 11 mm
  • Weight:


Contents of the box

  • 5W wireless charging base BOOST?UP
  • USB-A to micro-USB cable
  • Quick Installation Guide