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Buy at Apple cheaper with the student discount

Apple has agreements with a number of universities around the world to offer a discount to young people studying at those universities. Not only do students enjoy discounts, but in the Back to School months, Apple is running its annual promotion where you get a free gift with the purchase of a Mac.

The student discount

On Apple’s education website we see how the 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina costs 1362.46 euros which represents a discount of 6% (that would be 86.54 euros) from the original price which is 1449 euros. If we talk about the Macbook Air it would be a saving of 60 euros due to its lower price.

Buy at Apple cheaper with the student discount
Buy at Apple cheaper with the student discount

If we modify the components of the laptops we will also have a lower price on the changes we make so with this option it would be advisable to increase the specifications.

In most universities where we have researched the discount is higher obtaining a 12% discount so the savings would increase to 173.66 euros in the 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina we mentioned before.

To see all the products with the 12% discount you can enter this link belonging to the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos whose discount is usually the one that most universities have. If your university is not the King Juan Carlos University you should contact an Apple expert in chat to be redirected to the website of your university.

What if I’m not a student but I want to take advantage of the discount?

If you are not a student but still want to get the discount you can but Apple reverses the right to ask you at any time for the student card provided by the university to verify if you are really a university student.

If Apple asks you for your university card and you do not send it, you will have to return the product. Some people never ask for it, some people ask for it when they buy it and some people don’t ask for it for several months, in short, it’s a lottery and you can play it if you want.

The Return to School

Every year in late July in physical stores and in early August in the online store until mid-September, Apple launches a promotion on the “Back to School” in which Apple gives away a product or a cash card to students who buy one of its products.

This year Apple has given away to the buyers of an iMac, Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and MacPro some Beats Only 2 valued at 100. In the case of buying a Mac Mini, iPhone or iPad they give away a card with 35 euros to spend on books, music and applications in the many Apple stores.

Last year, for example, Apple’s gift was a card with 70 euros. Let’s see what Cupertino’s people are preparing for us next year.

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