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Wallapop is the leading platform for buying and selling used products. The free app that lets you earn money by selling what you don’t use and finding everything you need at a better price. More than 15 million users are using it!


Buy and sell on the App Store
Buy and sell on the App Store

Earn money by selling what you want. It’s as easy as taking a picture of the product with your mobile phone and publishing it on wallapop. In a few seconds your item will be on sale and millions of people will see it.


Wallapop displays the products you are looking for based on your location. If something interests you and is near you, chat with the salesperson, meet him or her at the corner coffee shop and buy the product. It’s as simple as that.


If the opportunity arises to buy or sell in another city, use our shipping system. Just pay (if you are a buyer) or take the product to the post office (if you are a seller). We will take care of the rest.

Unlike payments by transfer or external payment methods, payments you make through wallapop are secure, thanks to wallapop protect. In addition, if necessary, wallapop mediates between buyer and seller.


– Wallapop is the free app for iPhone and iPad that lets you earn money and save at the same time.

– Forget about complications: buy, sell, meet in person or use wallapop shipping and discover a new way of consuming full of benefits.

– Search by categories: motor, technology, fashion and accessories, baby and child, sport and leisure, flats and houses, video games, movies, home and decoration, or browse our collections.

– Find everything you are looking for: second-hand cars, second-hand motorbikes, mobile phones, tablets, vintage clothes… Even your new home!
– Use the filters to find what you need faster: search mobiles and devices by brand and model; or clothes and accessories by brand, model and size.

– Wallapop promotes a new way of sustainable consumption, based on the circular economy and fair trade.

***Your location will always be hidden within a 1km radius and will never be used for commercial purposes.

Download wallapop now and join a community where millions of people buy and sell used products every day.

Wallapop is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch and is optimised for iPhone 5 and above.

Terms and Conditions: https:/en.wallapop.comtoc

Privacy Policy: https:/en.wallapop.compriv

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