business and event oriented charges disappear

Apple dejará de formar a sus Genius en Cupertino: lo harán en las tiendas

The official Apple stores have been undergoing some months of quite important changes internally . Last August new positions were created for experts, diversifying the figures of the specialist or the creative. And the Geniuses are gradually taking their work off their shoulders thanks to efforts such as Apple’s new Support application.

business and event oriented charges disappear
business and event oriented charges disappear

Now we have another change, which is the elimination of charges related to businesses and events . These are the positions of Business Manager, Business Events Lead, Events Coordinator and Events Lead. Store managers are already communicating the change to the people holding these positions, which have now disappeared from Apple’s official employment website.

The source states that from within Apple Retail they have been very surprised by the change, as sales to companies from Apple Stores have come to represent 20% of the total . It is also said that management positions do not fully understand B2B sales activities ( business to business ), so the direct consequence of these changes may be a drop in sales for businesses from the Apple Stores.

Employees with the positions that are going to disappear have apparently two options: either leave with two months’ salary as compensation or accept a position with a lower position and salary. This is something that is now beginning to be known among the staff and would be communicated globally to all employees as of 23 April next. Perhaps you want all staff to be in charge of relations with companies as well? We will see what consequences this has .

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