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Burstn another Instagram style application for iOS

The “Instagram” style applications are proliferating: https:/www.Apple.comproductossoftwareinstagram, which allow us to comfortably take photos, apply a layer or a touch up very quickly and in a jiffy share it on our favourite social networks: twitter, facebook, flickr, tumblr, posterous… whatever we want. One of these applications that I recently tried on my iPhone is Bustn . “Wwwhat’s new”:http:

Burstn certainly has a better design than Instagram , it is also free and as the reference it has its own contact and web 2.0 system to share our photos, geolocate them and add comments, say what we like (a-la-faceboook) and keep track of the most interesting photos of the day. Burstn has a fast shooting mode where you don’t need to configure anything, just shoot and that’s it, the photo will be stored and we can share it if we want. Another thing I like is that you can activate the grid display so you can see on the screen the guides that separate the capture area in thirds.

Burstn another Instagram style application for iOS
Burstn another Instagram style application for iOS

Definitely what I think it lacks is more projection, more people who know it . -Another very important thing is that Burstn lacks color filters or retouching of our photos , the photos are uploaded as they are, without the possibility of adding any effect quickly. Other options like Instagram, Picplz or LomoLomo do bring that feature, in fact it’s part of their grace, so I think this is one of the reasons why the application doesn’t take off- . Update: As some people tell me in the application, you can add effects, some very good ones like HDR or Tiltshift, which you can’t do in Instagram for example. The truth was that I hadn’t seen the possibility of retouching the photos because it’s not very intuitive, once the photo is taken (third capture, the one on the right) you must click on the image preview, there you can select many effects on it.

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