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Burberry, the First Channel Fashion Firm in Apple Music

A couple of days ago we showed you four new “Discover” ads about Apple Music and told you that the American company had reached an agreement with Burberry to have a channel on the streaming music service. Well, thanks to this agreement Burberry becomes the first fashion company to have a channel on Apple Music , which we’ll tell you more about below.

The company based in Cupertino wants to go one step further and make Apple Music also a social link , as well as a streaming music service where you can listen to your favorite artists and discover new ones. Apple Music is also designed to bring artists and companies into contact with their fans.

Burberry, the First Channel Fashion Firm in Apple Music
Burberry, the First Channel Fashion Firm in Apple Music

Thus, Apple and Burberry have just reached an agreement and the fashion firm has already made available its own channel on Apple Music . Through this channel in Apple Music, Burberry wants to promote exclusively British artists.

Burberry Apple Music channel now available

The new Burberry channel on Apple Music is now available and can be found in the section called Curator Playlists . Similar content from other companies and providers can be found in this same section, such as Coo Wired, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone magazine or GQ.

The new Burberry Apple Music channel will feature a wide variety of music , ranging from the songs that usually play in the brand’s stores to a list of Christopher Bailey’s favorite songs , the company’s CEO. In addition, there will also be a selection of British artists who are starting out in the market.

Burberry and Apple have joined forces before

Speaking of Christopher Bailey, The New York Times said that the Burberry CEO is very excited about this new agreement with Apple and to be present in the music streaming service . However, it is not the first time that both companies work together.

Looking back, we see how in 2013 a Burberry parade was recorded using only several iPhone 5s , which at the time was the company’s new flagship. It should also not be forgotten that Angela Ahrendts was the CEO of Burberry before joining Apple, a position now held by Christopher Bailey.

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