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Bundle helps you organize your photos in iOS

With the arrival of Google Photos and with Photos we have two very powerful ways, I forget already Carousel of Dropbox, to organize our photo library in iOS. But there can be alternatives to the two big ones and a new startup based in Amsterdam called Bundle has also launched this week an application focused on automatically grouping your photos by theme so you can share them more easily. Let’s see how it works.

Photo applications have been forced to go a step further. Beyond being able to organize our photo library quickly and intuitively, users are demanding other functions that help them manage their photos and filter them according to content . This is where Bundle wants to stand out with its star feature, AutoAlbum.

Bundle helps you organize your photos in iOS
Bundle helps you organize your photos in iOS

AutoAlbum is the identity of Bundle , what makes it different from Google Photos. Due to the large amount of photos that we make every day, creating an album by having to choose the photos that we want to put in the album can be a long and tedious process. But thanks to the algorithms this can go better and better.

Through automatic learning AutoAlbum creates an album with the photos of the same event and then suggests the best photos, focusing on eliminating duplicates or photos with poor quality, out of focus, etc. in addition to detecting faces and smiles. As you do this you will learn how to select the best photos more quickly and accurately.

Another aspect that Bundle pays attention to is that of backups. It couldn’t be otherwise. For this purpose allows synchronization with Dropbox or Google Drive for a free backup or, in the future, with Amazon Cloud Drive to back up all photos in their original size in exchange for one euro per month.

I do not know if what Bundle offers is such a differential factor to sell to Google Photos or Fotos, especially considering that both are native in their respective systems, but at least it is one more alternative that comes to offer a different bet . AutoAlbum sounds great and the algorithms are here to stay.

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