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“Bulbs” is the epic new ad for the MacBook Pro

El MacBook Pro con Touch Bar ya está aquí: esto es lo que dicen las primeras reseñas

The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is the latest device released by Apple, and as such, aims to be not only a beautiful product but also a useful product for consumers. It is a laptop focused on the professional environment, and it is a laptop that does not want to leave anyone behind who is looking to make their dreams and ideas come true.

“Bulbs” is the epic new ad for the MacBook Pro“Bulbs” is the epic new ad for the MacBook Pro

This is exactly what Apple’s latest MacBook Pro ad is about. Bulbs, as its name suggests, is about light bulbs, referring metaphorically to the ideas we humans have and how we develop them. In the video of almost two minutes we see how a series of light bulbs are acting as a thread throughout the short film.

Next to the light bulbs we see how dozens and dozens of scenes appear in which different inventions and ideas of humanity are shown . From the discovery of fire to the creation of robots, including things as simple as a paper clip or a pair of glasses. In the end, all of these are ideas, ideas that human beings have had and carried out.

At the end of the video we see how the light bulbs reach a point, the MacBook Pro, representing the end of all our ideas and the point where we put them into practice . The video ends with a simple text:

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