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Build Your Own Space Vehicle on iPhone and iPad

Finding a good game on the App Store is no easy task. There are hundreds of them with spectacular graphics and amazing kinematics, but sometimes, a good game is not measured by its graphics , but by its level of addiction, its mechanics, its game system, its controls…

In fact, the most addictive games are usually the simplest. That’s the case with RoverCraft , which has rather poor graphics, but nevertheless offers a fabulous gameplay and phenomenal gameplay.

Build Your Own Space Vehicle on iPhone and iPad
Build Your Own Space Vehicle on iPhone and iPad

In RoverCraft for iPhone and iPad you can create your own space vehicle with different pieces and explore worlds full of obstacles, mountains, ramps and cliffs.


The objective of the game is quite simple, in RoverCraft you will be an astronaut who must design and create a space vehicle to reach the spaceship of each planet. Obviously, the further you get in each level, the more points you will get , and therefore the more coins you will get to improve your vehicle.


The most interesting thing about RoverCraft for iPhone and iPad is that, on each planet, you will have to completely change the elements of your space vehicle . In some levels you will need propellers, in others you will need grip wheels, in others you will need a stronger vehicle, etc. There are a lot of elements to create the vehicle (wheels, batteries, casings, utilities…), even different clothes for your character. In the construction panel you can move these elements to place them in any box to mount your vehicle , without a doubt, this is one of the most creative ideas of RoverCraft. Finally, it is worth mentioning that during each level you can collect coins and extra batteries.


After creating your space vehicle and choosing the level, the screen will display different controls to drive your vehicle. At the bottom you will see some indicators such as power, battery and speed . In the lower right corner is the accelerator pedal, and in the lower left corner the brake pedal. Additionally, if you buy a propeller, a new button to use the turbo will appear.


It’s amazing how such a simple game can be so entertaining. Just try to beat your previous records to stay hooked on RoverCraft for iPhone and iPad. In addition, the game allows to unlock content such as clothes, upgrades, wheels, planets… These different elements make the gameplay even better. And if we add to this a relaxing soundtrack , a roulette wheel to win prizes and daily challenges becomes a unique and highly recommended game.


Rovercraft is FREE, compatible with all iPhone and iPad models, and requires iOS 8. You can get the game from the following download widget below:

We will continue to explore the iOS App Store in search of the most interesting games of the moment. In the meantime, if you haven’t noticed this recommended game, you can always check out this collection of 10 iPhone and iPad games to keep you on the couch – they’re the best games around!

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