Bugs detected in iOS 13 and iPadOS Beta 4

Apple has now officially launched the iOS 13 and iPadOS betas 4 for developers. As in all beta versions, these may contain some instability and bugs, which are known as ‘bugs’. In this post, as we did with the beta 3, we will try to add all the bugs we have detected in these betas. We also encourage you to tell us yours to add them. You can contact us in the comment box of this article or via email.

As new betas are released and we get closer to the final versions of iOS 13 and iPadOS, predictably in September, we find that everything is improving and the experience becomes more fluid by eliminating bugs present in previous versions. However, this doesn’t stop us from finding some bugs , especially since there are still 2 months left until the final version.

Bugs detected in iOS 13 and iPadOS Beta 4
Bugs detected in iOS 13 and iPadOS Beta 4

It should be noted that bugs are not present on all devices because the behaviour of the betas is not identical on them. The list of bugs that we and our readers have found in the iOS 13 and iPadOS developer betas 4 is as follows:

  • Some official apps from banks such as Bankia or Sabadell do not work properly, probably because the developers of these banks have not yet adapted them to iOS 13 and iPadOS.
  • Telegram continues with certain errors on the iPad, such as showing the blank part of the contacts when you are inside a chat.
  • WhatsApp continues to make strangers with notifications and within chats. There is also still a bug where turning the iPhone screen closes the app unexpectedly.
  • The Wallapop buy-sell app closes unexpectedly as soon as you open it.
  • Siri displays some strange characters sometimes, making the text appear too big and freezing, having to lock the device or reboot it.
  • Some problems are still detected when receiving calls. Related to this is also an error on iPhone XR that prevents from making a FaceTime after a normal call.
  • Unexpected closures in Evernote when trying to create a new note.
  • Some cloud storage managers such as OneDrive and Dropbox experience some unexpected shutdowns.
  • When browsing with Safari on the iPad, there’s an error in which trying to select some text with cmd+a takes you back to the previously viewed page.
  • The Books app sometimes closes unexpectedly in the middle of PDF editing.
  • Errors during music playback regarding switching to the next song, selecting songs to listen to later, or trying to rewind or fast forward.

Remember that you can tell us about the bugs you have detected in the comment box so that more users know about it and it is possible that these will be added to the previous list.

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