Buaala renews its design for iOS 11, following your series is easier than ever!

You don’t know Buaala yet? Nowadays there are many viewers who follow dozens of series at the same time, so sometimes it is very complicated for us to keep track of all of them. That is why we recommend Buaala, an ideal application to plan, discover and share audiovisual content (among other incredible features). It is the ideal companion for Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO as it offers such useful functions as a programming guide, reviews, information on Filmaffinity, forums, news on current affairs in the cinema, content ratings, merchandising and a long etcetera. You will never forget why you stayed!

Navigating Buaala is easier and more intuitive than ever

You’re probably more than familiar with the application by now, so you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll soon receive a complete redesign of its user interface with some very interesting new features. First of all, the application will be optimized for iOS 11 , a timely update that not many apps can boast. Secondly, the background color of Buaala will change from black to white bringing a much fresher and cleaner air, following the news will be easier than ever! Furthermore, with this update the application will be much more open and accessible to all users . So whether you’re a hardcore film buff or just a hobbyist, you’ll find it much easier to navigate the app and make the most of all the features it has to offer.

Buaala uses a very advanced algorithm to recommend content

Buaala renews its design for iOS 11, following your series is easier than ever!
Buaala renews its design for iOS 11, following your series is easier than ever!

Please note that the new Buaala user interface design for iPhone and iPad will be available from the second week of September , right after the launch of iOS 11! So it will be an ideal occasion to make the most of all the application’s features. Remember that one of the strengths of Buaala is its special recommendation algorithm , which works with collective intelligence to always get it right . Whether you choose to go to the movies with your friends or watch a series at home with your partner, Buaala studies your tastes and offers you the perfect recommendation. You can find out what your friends are watching, what they like , share your favourite shows with your fans and much more.

Remember that Buaala also offers the possibility of finding information and recommendations on series, films, documentaries, TV shows and reality shows. In fact, the app offers you both professional reviews and recommendations from the community and your circle of friends , so it is very easy to get your discoveries right. And once you’re clear, with a simple tap on your device’s screen you can access their video content from your favorite platform (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, etc.)

But this is not the end of the story… If we already hallucinated at the time with the merchandising purchase function, with Buaala, very soon, you will have the opportunity to buy the cinema tickets , directly from your iPhone or iPad!

With Buaala, we no longer have to spend hours debating which film to see in the cinema. Create a community of users and let its algorithm choose your plans for you. Ah! And in the near future the application will allow you not only to buy movie tickets, but also to book tables at restaurants, buy theater tickets, and much, much more!

You haven’t downloaded it yet? It’s one of the most complete apps on the App Store!

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