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Despite the arrival of social networks, streaming platforms and other services, radio will never go out of fashion. Perhaps the flashy transistors of the last century will, but not the stations as such. It changes the form, but not the essence. Now we can even listen to the radio with smart speakers like the Apple HomePod. Want to know how? This article will tell you.

Prerequisites on the iPhone

Unfortunately, the HomePod does not have an FM radio chip that allows you to play stations easily without having to resort to the iPhone and install apps. It is precisely the link to an iPhone that is essential in this case, as it is this device that will allow us to act as an intermediary between the radio stations and the intelligent speaker. To do this, the device must have a software version that is iOS 13 or later . You can check your version under Settings> General> Information and if you are in iOS 12 or earlier you should go to Settings> General> Software Update to download a more recent system version.

broadcasters worldwide
broadcasters worldwide

The fact that the iPhone also does not have an FM radio will force you to install a third party application . Apple highlights several applications for this. The one we have been able to test is TuneIn, a free app that works very well. However, you can try any other to see if the method works with it too.

DownloadQR-CodeTuneIn – Radio and PodcastsDeveloper: TuneInPrice: Free

Turn on the radio on the HomePod

Without realizing it, you’ve already done 90% of the tour, because you’ll only have to launch the voice command to start listening to the radio. In particular, it’s recommended to say “Hey Siri, play the radio (name of the station)”. It is particularly noteworthy that the command, although the way it is said may vary, always includes the word “radio”. Whether or not the name of the station itself has that word in it, it will need to be said so that the device is not confused with a playlist or a song.

What stations can you listen to?

In the app we have highlighted, TuneIn, you can find dozens of stations from Spain and around the world. You will be able to access a complete catalogue in which the most prestigious stations on our planet can be found on your HomePod. If you wish, you can also search for them manually through the iPhone and then launch them on the intelligent speaker. This is a less quick way, but much more interesting because you can see what stations you have available and access their programming.

Doesn’t your HomePod play anything?

This is a more common problem than it seems, as we need the iPhone to be connected to the internet in order to access the station list. As we have already said, these are not picked up via radio frequencies as with a specialised transistor, but rather via the internet. Perhaps the signal or internet speed of your device is too low or it is not configured to use the third-party app with mobile data. Please check this and once this problem has been fixed, your iPhone and HomePod should no longer be prevented from playing radio stations.