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Bringing the style of Windows Phone 7 to iOS

Who said that all iOS applications are the same? It’s true that Apple, thanks to its amazing Xcode and its pre-set design lines, is partly to blame for the fact that many applications work in a similar way.

However, this is one of the features that I like the most by far in iOS, and that is that even though the applications are different or have radically different designs, they usually work very similarly.

Bringing the style of Windows Phone 7 to iOS
Bringing the style of Windows Phone 7 to iOS

Control buttons at the bottom, “movement” buttons at the top of the application, similar movements in almost all applications… that is, there are some bases that are respected and that are quite clear and then each developer can (or not) add his touch.

But now Microsoft comes along and gives us a great application, with perfect performance and superb results – and nothing like other iOS applications.

Windows 7 style in an iOS app

I won’t deny it, if I had to change my iPhone for another device I would definitely buy a computer with Windows 7. The Redmond people have copied all the ideas of the iPhone in concept and adapted them in their own way to create a fantastic system.

A system that has yet to evolve a bit, just as iOS did in its day, but that undoubtedly knows how to take over the baton imposed by Apple, better than Android, in my view.

But let’s go back to the application I was talking about just now: Photosynth. An application with a horrendous icon but that is free and capable of making amazing compositions and panoramic images and… in the style of Windows 7 on our iOS.

And yes, the application keeps a button pad on the bottom like most of the controls built into Apple applications, but that’s all the resemblance to an iOS application.

Menus with the company’s sober style, animations that we hadn’t seen in iOS, differentiating the buttons that are activated from those that are not in blue… in short, a set of changes that make it quite different from what we understand by applications in iOS.

And yet, although it may seem the opposite, I love this effort by Microsoft to advertise in the neighbor’s house . An application that tries to demonstrate how its style also works on other platforms and at the same time show the users how it is.

It is clear that Apple sets the rules, but if the developers want they can achieve much more interesting and different results than those we already know. Microsoft has done it well, it has known how to show its own image in the neighbor’s house, let’s hope that other developers will also dare to modify the rules of the game and offer us “different” options to those we all already know.

Maha, the Microsoft “effect” but on a larger scale

Because if Microsoft wanted to slightly change its style to match that of iOS. The developers of Maha, the application that we discussed a few days ago, have decided to leave everyone speechless by fully porting the style of WP7 to iOS.

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However, and despite the interest that the application has caused, I believe that this is not the way and in this aspect Microsoft has been able to do much better .

Each operating system has its own peculiarities and mode of operation, those details are to be respected not to drive the user crazy.

Photosynth adapts what Microsoft has designed for its own platform, but at no time does it break with the way iOS works, it adapts its design, but not its use.

Maha on the contrary breaks this barrier and basically only confuses the user. It was curious to see that most of the comments in the post about the program were of the type “I like its design, but it’s a little difficult to use”. This is what happens when we confuse the user and usability is compromised by using design patterns not established by the system.

This is precisely where one of the strengths of iOS applications lies. Its integrity in use, ease of use, and similar performance in virtually any situation.

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