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Bring out the artist in you with the camera (II)

We continue with the second part of the post we left you a few hours ago. Remember that both are very personal advice, fruit of the experience accumulated with the use of mobile phones and their cameras . Fortunately, Apple products have a much better optic than the one we used to have long ago, and it is therefore an advantage that we should not miss. Having said that, we go ahead with more tricks .

Use the means you have

We are wrong if we think that we won’t take great pictures if we don’t have the latest technology. With some imagination, technical deficiencies can be overcome . Do you remember the trick of a car sunshade as a reflector? It’s a simple example of getting good lighting. You can also remember these 7 tricks from Apple.

Give HDR a shot

Bring out the artist in you with the camera (II)
Bring out the artist in you with the camera (II)

A simple way to balance your photos in particular light conditions . We have recently dedicated a post to it, lose the fear.

The closer the better

Mobile device cameras have a zoom that usually puts a lot of noise into the pictures, so it’s better to get closer to the subject of the picture than to , unless you’re looking for that effect.

With both hands

Hold your iPhone or iPad firmly and try to keep it level with the horizon . Take reference points to look at.

Find a different place to shoot from

If everyone shoots from one location, you shoot from another. Try to find the different frame, the right angle . This going against the grain is fun.

Everything can be fixed

Many times we see that our picture can be out of place or have something that does not interest us. Make use of editing , even from the same iPhone or iPad to correct what you don’t like.

Burst shooting

We have devices that store up to 256 GB, so don’t be afraid to make bursts and then keep the good shots .

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