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Breeze, a new way to quantify yourself


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Breeze, a new way to quantify yourself
Breeze, a new way to quantify yourself

Although the boom in fitness applications has been going on for some time now, there are those, especially , who are taking advantage of the M7 coprocessor that Apple introduced with the iPhone 5s, trying to make a name for themselves in the App Store. This is the case of the creators of the famous RunKeeper application, one of the reference applications in this field.

Taking advantage of this, its creators have launched Breeze, a new application for iOS that aims to quantify and monitor our activity , in the purest Jawbone or Fitbit style, but without having to rely on the wearable in turn. Breeze takes advantage of the iPhone 5s M7 coprocessor to keep track of all our activity for 7 days, to track up to seven days worth of activity, even when the app is not running, and without any noticeable impact on its battery life.

The objective, cover a wider range of users . RunKeeper is seen, and is intended, for people who exercise more regularly. This was a problem since it left a high number of users uncovered, who, without being sportsmen, do like to quantify their daily activities, a field that, in addition to the wearables , covered other applications such as Nike+ Move or Fitbit’s own app , which was one of the first wearables companies to include M7 support in its application.

The fact that they are the last ones to arrive means that the developers have had to give a twist to what used to be this type of application. The Breeze interface has been carefully designed, achieving a very visually pleasing and easy to use application, something that is essential for this type of application if it is not to be forgotten after a few days of use. Visualizing all our data in a simple way, with some very successful infographics, is a very important point in your favor.

It surpasses at this level the application of Fitbit, to give an example, since it is the one I use daily. A breath of fresh air , with details like comparing our activity level with that of an animal, in my case, I’m an erratic lion according to my last seven days. Breeze is available for free on the App Store, and, just for its interface, it deserves to be given a try.

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