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Bose launches its own competitor for the HomePod

Los AirPods 2 y un HomePod de bajo coste llegarán en 2019

La experiencia de Bose se reflejará en el diseño de los ocho micrófonos que integra el altavoz, que captarán el sonido con total claridad gracias a su tecnología propietaria de cancelación de ruido . Unido a sus dos controladores de gran calidad, el Home Speaker se lanzará sin piedad contra el producto de los de Cupertino. Su coste será de 399 dólares, y estará disponible en Octubre en Estados Unidos, sin fecha prevista para su lanzamiento en otros países.

Bose launches its own competitor for the HomePod
Bose launches its own competitor for the HomePod

In 2014, Amazon launched a product that would completely change the way we use our electronic devices forever. Alexa, together with Amazon Echo, created a completely new product category designed to take digital assistants out of mobile phones, the smart speaker category. And soon after, other competitors began to arrive, including Google Home, which now reigns supreme.

Apple, for its part, took a few years to compete with Google, Amazon and other companies that had jumped on the bandwagon, but in 2017 presented a proposal that relied more on sound quality than on artificial intelligence . The HomePod, which is still a winner, was designed as a speaker designed to compete in the high ranges of sound equipment, something that was replicated by its rivals. Now, it’s Bose’s turn to present his ace in the hole.

Bose is one of the most reputable brands among sound equipment manufacturers, with products that meet the needs of consumers and professionals. With over 50 years of experience, the company is now entering the smart speaker market with the Home Speaker 500, a device that targets those who want to enjoy great sound quality anywhere in their home, controlled by Amazon Alexa, with the possibility of switching to other assistants in the future.

This new speaker integrates a screen through which users can see the status of the speaker as well as the song that is playing at that time. It has a sober design, made of aluminum, designed to fit into any home. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity to provide the best connection with compatible devices, and will soon be compatible with AirPlay 2 . But its big advantage over the HomePod is in its microphones.

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