Bosch to build iPhone 8 gyroscope and accelerometer

According to information from Bloomberg, the company Bosch will be in charge of manufacturing the motion sensors that will be implemented in Apple’s iPhone 8, which indicates that InvenSense will see a lot of profit losses in the process.

Unfortunately, InvenSense is not the only company whose income will be seriously affected by Apple’s business. Imagination company announced that Apple will no longer accept its GPU designs for the iPhone for at least two years.

Bosch to build iPhone 8 gyroscope and accelerometer
Bosch to build iPhone 8 gyroscope and accelerometer

On the other hand, there is speculation that Apple is developing its own battery management chips leaving Dialog out of the process.

Bosch, the popular manufacturer of all kinds of household appliances, will supply half of the motion sensors that Apple needs for the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 during this year 2017.

The other half of the motion sensors for Apple’s new smartphones will be further developed by InvenSense. The company was the sole supplier of motion sensor components for iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, until now.

It seems that Bosch will also manufacture the barometric pressures for the iPhone. The motion sensors include gyroscopes and accelerometers and are essential for any iPhone. These components allow the iPhone to discover how the user is interacting with the device and its applications, how the smartphone is held, and to monitor all health-related activity.

Be that as it may, InvenSense already saw this movement coming . Mark Dentinger, the company’s CFO, said during an August investment conference that although they dominated the smartphone market by a considerable margin, they would not be able to maintain that position.

Apple is known for seeking out more than one component supplier to ensure that it has sufficient supply to offer its new devices to all consumers around the world.

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