Boreal is the best HackerNews reader you can find for iPhone

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Boreal is the best HackerNews reader you can find for iPhone
Boreal is the best HackerNews reader you can find for iPhone

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HackerNews is one of the largest and most important portals for reading about technology that we find on the Internet today. In fact, if you like to read about technology it’s a must see site. The problem comes when browsing and reading on HackerNews, which as useful as it is, the user experience is considerably drained by the web page interface.

However, this does not have to be a problem, because there are many clients for web and other platforms that seek to solve this. Not all of them succeed, and none of them do it as well as Boreal for iOS, a new application that shows us how a HackerNews mobile client has to be.

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Boreal stands out for being simple but with the most important functions – well – implemented. We’ll be able to see the list of articles according to the different categories of HackerNews: TOP, NEWS and SHOW but we’ll also have a fourth category where all the articles we’ve already seen are found. Not only that, but you can also vote on the articles, comment on them, share them or filter only those that have comments or ratings within a certain range that we will choose.

Finally, I’d like to emphasize the TweetShot function , which I find most curious. The idea is that if we’re reading an article and we find a fragment interesting, we’ll just have to select it and from the share menu save it as an image. This generates an image without distracting elements with the fragment of text and the title and link from where we have extracted it. Ideal for sharing on Twitter, it saves you from taking a screenshot and editing it to leave only what interests us.

Perhaps one of the things I miss is having an integrated reader that removes all unnecessary elements in the articles -which redirect to the official page where they have been published-, but we are facing a first version, so I imagine it will be a matter of time before they integrate new functions.

In general, and although it is an application focused on a very specific audience, the truth is that we are in front of a very good client for HackerNews that provides us with a pleasant experience when consuming information from this portal. The application is free, although limited to 50 readings, to read unlimited will have to make a purchase in-app. So don’t hesitate to try it out and if you’re convinced, make it your main app for reading HackerNews.


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