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Booking Now makes it absurdly simple to book a room

Booking Now (gratis)

The archaic accommodation website has relaunched its old Booking Tonight app under the name of Booking Now and I can guarantee you that the change of adverb (from tonight to now ) is just the first clue about their new philosophy and design.

Booking Now makes it absurdly simple to book a roomBooking Now makes it absurdly simple to book a room

Booking Now welcomes us the first time we launch the app with a short questionnaire of three questions to better know our preferences and usual circumstances: what price range are you looking for? do you normally travel alone or accompanied? which services do you value most? do you have a wireless connection? is breakfast included? non-smokers?

The next step, and the only one we will take from now on, consists of a single screen focused on our current location and the first closest suggestion that meets our criteria and is best evaluated. With a simple click we can explore alternatives, and if we see one that interests us, by sliding the screen up we will access all the information about the establishment right there.

The button to book the suggested accommodation accompanies us at all times so basically in two steps we can complete the operation and receive directions on how to get there. As simple and fast as it sounds. The design of the app is fantastic and it is full of subtle animations that make it a remarkable jump in front of the dinosaur that was its predecessor.

Booking Now is integrated with Apple Passbook so check-in will be as fast as the booking process, and if you are out of the country and don’t want to use your mobile data, no problem, you can still access your confirmation offline. Finally, and of course, the app is ready for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus resolution.

Undoubtedly an excellent way to find hotels, apartments or hostels around the world with a immediacy that makes it the perfect companion for the most spontaneous travelers. From the start, I can assure you that it has earned a place on my home screen next to the also respectable Hotel Tonight.

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