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booking iPhone 4S and iOS 5 output

Another week comes and goes, and at Applesupportphonenumber we want to remind you of some of the news we have published throughout the week, this time on a daily basis. Don’t miss it!

This week it’s difficult to choose something concrete like The best of the week : we are left with both the first bookings of the iPhone 4S and the definitive launch of the iOS 5 for Apple’s portable devices.

booking iPhone 4S and iOS 5 output
booking iPhone 4S and iOS 5 output

Last Monday 10th Apple announced that pre-orders for the new iPhone 4S introduced last week had reached one million over the first day of bookings. In some privileged countries this new model of Apple’s mobile phone is now available. In Spain and Mexico, among others, will be available at the end of the month .

On Tuesday the Facebook app for iPad arrived on the App Store. Now we can see our photos and those of our friends in full screen in high resolution on the iPad, with many multi-touch gestures implemented to move around the app. In addition, is compatible with many games external to Facebook , such as FarmVille, for example. On Tuesday we also had, as every week, the Apple History section in Announcements .

Wednesday was the day of iOS5 , as expected, around 19h Spanish time. In addition, the new OS X Lion 10.7.2 was presented, with iCloud fully operational on both operating systems . As a special novelty we had Find my Friends before the hour. Have you tried it out yet?

On Thursday the news was Grand Theft Auto III , with its tenth anniversary. Rockstar Games, the development company, has decided to commemorate these 10 years with a relaunch for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 of this game. In addition, our favorite switcher told us about its experience with the update to iOS 5 and OX X Lion 10.7.2.

And Friday arrived with our trick of the week : Convert a .MOV with the right button, so you can have your media files on your portable devices very, very easily.

To finish, remember that you can already reserve the biography of Steve Jobs , both in digital and paper format. That’s it for this week, until next week!

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