BlogBridge, un lector de feeds curiosos


BlogBridge is a rather curious reader or desktop feed aggregator . It’s free to start with, it’s Java-based, and at first glance it might look like an ugly NetNewsWire clone.

BlogBridge, un lector de feeds curiosos
BlogBridge, un lector de feeds curiosos

It offers a service, also free of charge, of synchronization of feeds between several computers. They provide lists of recommended feeds categorized and rated according to their importance.

The feeds can be grouped into Guides (Guides) which, if you open a synchronization account, you can publish on your website to share with other users and, of course, incorporate the Guides published by others into your reader.

Allows you to create Smartfeeds , or NNW-style smart feeds. It also imports and exports feeds via OPML files. You can put tags and rate . And it has a cleanup assistant similar to the NNW one.

The posts can be displayed in three different ways: list, overview or complete. And if you indicate your favorite keywords, they will be highlighted in all the articles.

This after a quick look at the application. Conclusions : it’s ok if you don’t want to get too complicated. It is true that there are nicer options on the market, even similar ones. But I didn’t resist to try it out (Oh, and there’s also a Windows version, so if you have a pc too, you can synchronize the feeds with your mac).

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