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Blocks Trip, have fun with this great iPad blocks game

Blocks Trip, test your reflexes in this great iPad game

When you play Blocks Trip for iPad you will think for a moment that you are playing Tetris inside the cyber world of Tron, that Disney movie in which a person entered the CPU of a computer. Surrounded by computer generated worlds and music to match, your reflexes and skill will be paramount to get the most points and be the best among your friends. Make the biggest blocks you can to get it!

Blocks Trip is a game that has its roots in the famous Tetris. In this app you must place the blocks of colors and shapes that are falling from the sky in a grid in which you will form a large block structure that will disappear if it is well built. As you place them and they disappear, you will prevent the grid from filling up, ending the game. And all this with a difficulty and speed that will increase as you pass levels. Interesting, isn’t it?

Blocks Trip, control the blocks and get the best combos

Blocks Trip, have fun with this great iPad blocks game
Blocks Trip, have fun with this great iPad blocks game

With a graphical appearance similar to the games of the first consoles like the Spectrum, Blocks Trip for iPad and iPhone will immerse you in a virtual world in which you must have all your senses placed in placing the blocks in the best possible place, rotating them if necessary , to form a figure that disappears and allows you to continue building new blocks to get more points. The whole app is impregnated with this “retro” computer air and the first element you’ll find with this air will be the green match presentation screen and the input system through the recognition of your fingerprint.

In the game’s configuration options you will have two control modes to manage the blocks that descend into the grid : the first, by using buttons on your screen as if it were a console game; the second, directly by moving the blocks with your finger or a pointing device. The speed at which the blocks rotate and the speed at which they are moved are elements that you will have to take into account in order to form the best blocks and get the highest score. In addition, some combinations of blocks will form combos that will give you more points and increase the difficulty level of the game. Choose the one that makes you faster!

But the configuration options for the Trip Blocks don’t end there. Fantastic, elaborate music that will take you back to the cyber 80s will accompany you on this fabulous journey through time. And if you get tired of listening to it or it’s just not your type of music, don’t worry. You can create your own playlist and play it in the game and you’ll enjoy this great app even more by listening to your own creations!

To help you place the blocks in the best possible place, you will always have a radar that, as you advance in the game and manage to create blocks that give you a lot of score, will indicate how many and where on the grid you have blocks prepared and by placing the missing one, it will give you much more score by getting combos. Watch the radar to get the best combo !

Blocks Trip for iPad is a must-play game on your iPad and iPhone that will make you spend many hours of fun looking for the best way to place the blocks and create the best structures to get the most points. You’ll feel like you’re in a cyber world thanks to the retro graphics and music that will surround you. Its simple handling in either mode and the possibility of playing the music you want will allow you to enjoy this great game for many hours while testing your reflexes and your ability. What are you waiting for to download it?