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Blink, one of Apple’s best ads

Todas las novedades de la keynote

107 thrilling seconds in which one cannot blink for a single second because it is possible to miss not one, but two or more of the many novelties presented in yesterday’s keynote. And speaking of blinking, that’s precisely what Apple has called this summary video not suitable for the heart: Blink, which has left us with a shocking taste in our mouths.

Blink, one of Apple’s best ads
Blink, one of Apple’s best ads

Cupertino’s firm is well known for accumulating in its history a good part of the best advertisements that today are studied in the faculties of communication, and of course, the mythical ‘1984’ that marked a before and after in the future of the company… and communication.

Blink sums up very well the spirit of this keynote in which Apple has undoubtedly wanted to break the mould and in which we have seen the pragmatic Tim Cook singing a duet with James Corden a fun ‘Sweet phone Alabama’. The video compresses very effectively in just over a minute (and without leaving anything behind ) the almost two hours of keynote, and closes with a comic “you can blink now”.

The sequence in sprint rhythm goes through the fundamental moments of what is presented in the keynote and has curious moments, in perfect combination with the audio, such as a “what time is it” to give way to Series 2, or the license to show a science professor explaining in detail what a nit is . If you haven’t seen it yet, now is your time. Don’t blink.

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