BlackBerry Messenger para iPad y iPod touch

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BlackBerry Messenger para iPad y iPod touch
BlackBerry Messenger para iPad y iPod touch

It’s been almost a month since BlackBerry Messenger for iOS was finally released and we haven’t heard anything more about the development of this application since then. Until today, the guys at BBM have decided to update it to support the iPad and iPod touch among other things. We have a great opponent from WhatsApp, Line and other similar applications and this kind of updates prove it. Check it out for yourself.

BlackBerry has updated its BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging application for iOS. The reason is to include support for the iPod touch and iPad, as well as additional sharing options and other enhancements . The previous version of BBM only worked with iPhones and iPads that had a 3G connection, so Wi-Fi enabled iPads or iPod touch could not use this app.

However and despite some of us, BlackBerry has not rewritten the code to adapt the user interface to the iPad, in other words, is not a app universal , the application works well on the iPad, but is not designed to be adapted to the iPad screen.

These are all the new features included in version

As we can see, apart from compatibility with non-3G devices and the correction of typical small errors, BBM now also offers the possibility of sharing and inviting contacts by mail or SMS .

I said it yesterday when Facebook updated Facebook Messenger to iOS 7, WhatsApp’s days are numbered as the competition continues to evolve and implement the way BBM and Facebook Messenger are doing.

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