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Bite the battery of an iPhone and it explodes in your face

In a Chinese store, a customer wanted to check the authenticity of the battery replacement on his iPhone as if it were gold, by biting it . The result, a small explosion that caused no injuries.

This video went viral in a very short time. Faced with the counterfeits that exist in China, a customer wanted to change the battery of his iPhone, but first decided to check first hand if it was original or not with this method. As collected by Appleinsider .

Bite the battery of an iPhone and it explodes in your faceBite the battery of an iPhone and it explodes in your face

This incident is not related to any Apple Store , on the contrary, it is a non-Apple electronics store.

Honestly, I couldn’t explain how you can check the authenticity of a component like this by simply taking a bite. This client seems to have tried to do the same thing as with a piece of gold , where if it is nicked, it would be fake.

When he bit into the battery, it snapped, causing a small exposure accompanied by a smoke vent that alerted the other customers in the store. The subject quickly threw his iPhone and the battery off the counter when it exploded.

Luckily, nobody was hurt , but the scare was taken away, both by the owner of the establishment and by the customer himself who decided to check the originality or hardness of the battery with this method.

Depending on the medium Taiwan News , it is not known whether the battery was original or not, nor the exact reason for the explosion. From DailyMail they comment that it could be a fake battery.

Perhaps the cells inside came into contact after the bite, causing this reaction. The video reached over 4 million views in just a few days. You can see the video on miaopai.

It’s remarkable because a week ago, two batteries caused a small explosion in two different Apple stores, specifically in Zurich and Valencia when they were handled by professionals.

After viewing the images, we can only recommend changing the battery at Apple Authorized Centers and Apple Store. Especially now that Apple is applying a considerable discount to replace them in the iPhone 6 and newer models for a price of 29 euros .

What did you think of the action of this client? What method would you have used to verify the originality of a battery?