Bioshock for iOS, analysis

A couple of weeks ago I had to talk more about Bioshock for iOS , a title that marked many players and that after seven years since its release on August 21, 2007, for PC and Xbox has been jumping to other platforms.

The arrival of Bioshock in iOS showed that Apple devices are perfectly suited for this type of game. It’s another thing to have the same experience. We already say it won’t be, but that doesn’t mean it will be worse. So let’s see what Bioshock to iOS looks like.

Rapture, Ukrainian city

Bioshock for iOS, analysis
Bioshock for iOS, analysis

The action of Bioshock, for those who do not know it, takes place in the city of Rapture in Ukraine during the year 1960. Our character, Jack, is a survivor of a plane crash who will have to face different challenges in order to achieve his goal, a goal that we will decide what it will be. Because on the one hand we will have Atlas who will incite us to kill the Little Sisters, while Dr Tenenbaum will ask us the opposite to save them. Our decision will affect the game and its ending. But let’s not destroy history any more. If you played Bioshock before you know that its history is one of the best, if you did not you are lucky because you can enjoy and be surprised with the turns of it. So let’s move on to the gameplay of a title designed for physical controllers, which we will now play with touch buttons.

Graphic level and gameplay

In iOS we have seen games with really amazing graphics, that makes us badly accustomed and makes us demand the same from all kinds of games, even more so from those that are played from platforms like a PC. Bioshock for iOS comes with a level of good graphics but not comparable to a PC or console . The textures and sharpness of the image will be insufficient for some users but if we look at it with perspective, realizing what kind of device we are playing on, things change.

The lighting effects and overall fluidity of the game, running on an iPad mini retina, are up to the task and provide a satisfying experience. Although there are times when the loading times become a bit annoying because of the time it takes. That and that without a doubt the most negative thing is the touch control.

Over time, I’ve gotten used to playing on these touch devices and I usually get used to using a crosshead or touch joystick relatively well and quickly. The problem is that in FPS games like Bioshock I am not able to play for long periods.

One solution is the use of iOS-compatible controllers (MFi) but after that first initial flurry, the truth is that they have not become popular and there are no interesting or easy options to buy that do not limit us to a particular model of iOS devices. But if we have one then along with the use of AirPlay we could get a great experience by being able to play it on TV.

Bioshock for iOS, a great game

Bioshock for iOS is a great game despite those details. Of course, if you have the option to play it on your PC or console I personally recommend it. But if your only leisure device is the iPad or iPhone, or you just want to play it wherever you go, the 2K title is worth it. Above all, because the story continues to make any player enjoy it.

Bioshock Compatible with iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad 4, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5 Requires iOS 7.1 or higher

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